1st Post-Op Visit (10 days)

I went into the doc yesterday with high expectations after reading other blogs.  I was really hoping I would get my cast taken off and stitches taken out.  Oh well, that didn’t happen.  It was very brief appt. in which the doctor informed me that he will take my cast and stitches out next Tuesday (May 27th), and then place me in a CAM Walker for six weeks NWB.  That was good news b/c this cast is really starting to irritate me.  After six weeks in the CAM Walker I will began PT.  This approach seems rather conservative to me, but whatever as long as I heal completely it’s cool.

I forgot to ask for my operative report, but the doc told me that my tendon had started to re-attach itself.  That was weird to find out.  Maybe it was because I had surgery 3+ weeks after the surgery.  Hopefully this doesn’t affect my healing process.

Oh yeah.. I got my temporary handicap placard today.  I’m so excited because I can now park at meters in downtown Chicago for free.

2 Responses to “1st Post-Op Visit (10 days)”

  1. Well,we really are all treated very differently. But it sounds like next week you can start bearing some weight on your leg, so that sounds good. For me it has made some difference, it is not quite as exhausting to move on crutches. Good luck on Tuesday… I am 3 weeks post op today, and I just got a walking cast this week for 3 weeks. Then 4 weeks in a boot.

    I have never been so acutely aware of weeks passing!

  2. I think your doc is like mine - conservative about the wound closure. I wouldn’t stress over it. Three to four weeks in the cast seems average. Some people get out at two if their doc is aggressive and some get out at 6.

    The temp placard is MONEY! Swallow the pride and use the perks. It makes life MUCH easier.

    Good luck with the docs and we’re all pulling for you!


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