The saga continues…

Well, I finally got in to see the orthopedist on Tuesday, April 29th.  Everything was going well until the doctor came into the office.  I took my cast off so he could observe my leg, and immediately starts squeezing my calf and tendon.  Man, that was the most painful two minutes of my life.  I almost smacked him, just to get him to stop squeezing and pushing my leg.  After it was all over he told me I needed an MRI.

So back I had to go to my primary physician to get a referral to get an MRI, which is scheduled for today at 6pm.  At this point, I am really regretting that I elected HMO health insurance.  This entire ordeal has been prolonged because I have to get a referral for everything that takes place outside of my doctor’s office.  And to make it worse, my doctor tells me I need to come into her office every time I need a referral, and that I can’t do it over the phone.  This is really frustrating.  Hopefully, I will be able to get the surgery done next week, because my injury is already going on 3 weeks.

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  1. Dmace1..

    Just so you know squeaky wheels get the oil. Especially with HMOs…you need to make a big deal out of this. Good luck and time to push instead of sitting back and letting them take their sweet time.

    Good Luck

    Doc Ross

  2. craig -

    Regarding my PT, I’ll write a more detailed post. I’ll write it up tonight.

    What do you mean by PT schedule..? The type of exercises, or when I started PT..?

  3. Dennis,

    I’m curious as to PT schedule. Do people go daily out the chute, ease into it from day 1 and build up to more and more, etc?



  4. Craig - From my experience and what I’ve read of others, it seems like most people start out going to PT 2 or 3 times a week. The initial visits are mostly stretching and massaging the tendon, trying to get range of motion back in your ankle. After a few weeks you’ll transition to more strength building exercises and probably only need to go into PT once a week. However, this will all very depending on when you start PT, your doctor’s perscription, and your physical therapist. You’ll also need to do all the exercises at home on the days you aren’t going to PT.

    I’m sure Dennis will be able to provide more detail when he posts later on. Dennis has also included some helpful information on the main page under “Physical Therapy” (on the left sidebar).

  5. Craig - Tom’s PT experience is similar to mine. Get ROM, get the joint working, massage, ice. After a few weeks, then get into strengthening.

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