Emergency Room

So once I get to the emergency room the nurse asked me some insurance questions and gave me a shot, which was supposed to ease the pain.  The shot really did nothing for me.  A couple of minutes later a doctor came over to perform what I now know as the Thompson’s Test.  All I know is that test hurt like heck, but it pretty much confirmed that I had ruptured my Achilles tendon.

I made a couple phone calls to tell my family and friends what happened, because I needed some moral support.  Because of my past injuries, most of them already knew it was a basketball injury.  They said I need to retire from the sport.  I was thinking, ‘hecky naw’ I will be back in a year at least.  Eventually, they took me to get X-rays, and I was happy to hear my friend had arrived during this time.  Once I returned back to my original area, I saw a big smile on my friend’s face.  I knew this was a smile of caring, and smile of sarcasm to come.  After consoling me, she again uttered those disgusting words, “RETIRE.”  I just laughed, because in my mind I was already planning my return.

We sat around for another hour or so before a nurse came over to put half-cast on my leg.  She also informed that since I had the HMO plan, I would need to be referred to an orthopedist by my primary doctor.  I immediately knew that this was going to be an unfavorable process to get the care I needed.  Before I left, I got a prescription for Vicodin, and the doctor gave me two pills to ease the pain, which later made me feel queezy.

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  2. It”s who you think it is!!!

  3. All these stories sound so simular lol

    But I was turned away at the hospital originally and wasn’t a week later that I had the op, don’t even get me started on the hospital.

    Anyway been told the same retire, but no can’t do it got a score to settle with the team i was playing against, hate people that niggle when your down and can’t get up!!!! andway I got his number :) but i’m not in a rush I want to make sure that I’m well enough so I don’t break down again!!

    one more week in the boot for me and then getting the strength back again

    all the best anyway

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