In the beginning

I ruptured my Achilles tendon on April 16th, 2008 playing basketball.  The funny thing is, I actually called myself taking it easy that day.  I was only going to play one or two games and then leave before I got too sore.  Now that I think about it, this was probably the reason I stretched so lackadaisically that day.  BIG MISTAKE!!!

Before the injury, I had played two “V’s” and waited about 20 minutes to play a 5-on-5.  My injury happened on the second play of the game.  It seemed like it all happened in slow motion.  I was on the left wing, watching as the ball was in the air coming my way.  Before the ball actually touched my hands, I already had two choices of what I was going to do.  First, I could have easily pulled up for a 17 foot jump shot.  Second, I could go baseline pass my guy and make an acrobatic layup.  I knew I would score on either choice, but I had to choose the more spectacular option.  As the ball reached my hands, I made a quick move towards the baseline, then it happened…

POP.  I knew exactly what happened once I heard the infamous ‘pop’ echo throughout my entire body.  I immediately looked to my right, then my left, to see who in the heck stepped on the back of my left heel.  For some crazy reason, I thought I remembered seeing someone dribbling a basketball on the sideline next to me, so I was definitely ready to blame him.  But my mind was playing tricks on me ’cause there was no one there.

By the time I realized no one was there, I was on the floor in an agonizing, but curious pain.  I have had my share of injuries playin’ basketball, but this one was definitely different.  I knew it wasn’t my ankle, so I turned to look at my left leg and noticed a huge gap where my Achilles tendon used to be.  I immediately knew I would be out for a while.

It seemed like my entire life flashed before my eyes, as funny as that sounds.  I mean my mind was swirling with so many different things.  I was thinking: no more basketball for a while, how would I get my car home, there goes my vacation this summer, etc..  While I was on the ground, pretty much everyone on the court came to my aid.  I felt so freakin’ helpless because I couldn’t stand up or anything.  Eventually, I decided to have them call for an ambulance so I can go to the emergency room.

2 Responses to “In the beginning”

  1. Dmace1

    Sorry to have to welcome you to our club..
    Definitely an injury that takes its toll. We all went thru the same set of emotions. go slow, research and let us know what we can do for you.

    Doc Ross

  2. I just tore my left achilles as well playing basketball. Exactly what you describe, I felt. Literally all of the things that I would no longer be able to do came pouring out of my mouth like a poem. Words can’t describe the pain I felt in my head! Interstingly enough I had no pain in the actual injury area. I am waiting to schedule my surgery which will be one week from the date. I wish you luck on your surgery and look forward to hearing about your recovery.

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