Almost 10 weeks - PT and other lessons learned

Hi All! It’s been quite some time since I last posted but I have been following everyone’s stories behind the scenes. Welcome to those of you who have joined recently. Try to enjoy the mandatory “down time”. It does get better!

I transitioned from the cast at Week 4 and have been in the boot for about 6 weeks. I ditched the crutches (but still kept the boot) about 2 weeks ago and loved the freedom that came with it! Now, I have been working on transitioning from the boot to 2 shoes. I’m mostly 2 shoes indoors and wearing the boot when I need to go outside or know I will be on my feet for a period of time. I think it is more of a mental game at this point and I feel more protected with it on. But, at some point, I know I just need to get over it!

I have had 4 sessions of PT, so far, and feel that it is a great help. I am writing this for those of you who are behind me in recovery…I was terrified of going to PT for fear that they would push me too far or that I would be in pain from them trying to break up the scar tissue…but, I quickly realized that the PT is there to help and that they would never push me to do something that might hurt the recovery process. We have been keeping things pretty basic (bike for warm-up, inverted squats and holds to easily stretch the tendon, walking on special treadmill, ROM exercises, massage, and ice). One cool thing my PT has is an anti-gravity treadmill. It’s a regular treadmill but the bottom has a chamber that forces air upwards in order to only put a certain % of body weight as you walk. I want one for when I am running again - it’s like walking on air!! So far, I have only walked at 50% body weight but it’s forcing me to use my ROM. I will keep at it and the tendon always feels in better shape leaving than when I first started.

The other thing that has been tremendously helpful to me has been compression socks. I was having challenges with the swelling in my ankle so I ordered a pair of Futuro Firm Compression Knee High socks with open toe (many places online sell them). I wish I ordered them sooner! Once I started wearing them, I have pretty much used them every day. They help tremendously with the swelling, cover/protect the scar, and are light enough to wear with the boot or sneakers. My PT was surprised that I was able to stand the Firm Compression so you need to judge for yourself what works best for you but I can’t say enough good things about them!

As for driving…as a righty ATR, that’s another story. I live in a very congested area (NJ/NY Metro) so I am only “allowed” to on off hours for another 2 weeks or so, which will put me at 12 weeks. Can’t wait until then so I can stop asking people for rides everywhere!

WOW - sorry for the long-winded post - I warned you it had been a while! Best luck to everyone!

3 Responses to “Almost 10 weeks - PT and other lessons learned”

  1. Thanks for checking in! Do you drive with boot on? Do the socks cut off circulation to your toes? I hope my PT comes up with some of the cool machines I’ve read about on here - love the treadmill!

  2. DLMack–I wish I had access to the AlterG treadmill! I called around and the nearest one to me is 2 hours away and costs $78.00 for a half hour session to rent. It’s not really an option for me! But it sure seems a great way to get a runner back to running.

  3. It’s gotta be easier to find a swimming pool where you “run” while PWB — at least when your incision can handle the soaking.

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