First Post-Op Appt…thought this day would never come!

I had my first post-op appointment yesterday and I could not wait to get my cast off for a few minutes and to see what was underneath. Well, I had my 5 minutes…doc came in and viewed the wound and was very pleased with the progress. I thought it looked crazy but that’s just me…! He pulled out a few ’staples’, made me wiggle my foot a bit, and then put me into a plaster cast for another 2 weeks. All in all…a pretty good appointment.

As for everything else, I was a bit stir crazy by day 2 but have been managing OK. Lots of people wondering when I will be able to come see them in ‘the city’ (NYC) and I’m like…well, I am on crutches so public transit is not really an option and it’s my right Achilles so I’m not really able to drive…so, maybe in a few weeks when I get the ‘boot’ I will be able to be a bit more adventurous! They really just don’t understand!! Ah well…soon enough!

3 Responses to “First Post-Op Appt…thought this day would never come!”

  1. Nice! My first appointment was 4/10 and I have my cast on for another 4 weeks so feel good about getting your next check-up in just 2 weeks.. :-)

    Hang in there

  2. Hey Deanna. Thanks for stopping by my page and for the words of encouragement. I officially accept your challenge to help you get through this, but only if you help me too of course. It sounds like you have a bit more positive outlook on the situation than I do but I promise I’m getting better at that as the days go by (kind of). Best of luck to you as you move on. I’ll be sure to check in on you from time to time. -Greg

  3. Yup. If it happens to a pro athlete, everyone just assumes he or she is done for the season. & maybe even longer. But if it happens to you or me, some people just seem to think we’re slacking or shirking — “why is it taking you so long to recover?”

    It gets better. & really, you wouldn’t want to wish it on someone else just to aid their understanding, so… consider the ATR club an exclusive one, with excellent company but infortunately a high initial entry fee.

    All best!

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