WOW! I had no idea…

…there was such a huge community of fellow ATR companions!

My name is Deanna and I injured my Achilles playing volleyball on Tuesday, March 20. It was the 2nd to last game of the season and we were in a 3-way tie for second place - with the top two teams advancing to the Playoffs. We needed to win all 3 games in order to secure our spot. We warmed up and were less than 5 minutes into the first game when I “tripped over the lines” on the court. I thought that the guy behind me had kicked my leg because one minute I was going up to hit the perfectly set ball and the next thing I knew, I was a pile on the floor. My teammates looked at me to see if I could still play since we need 2 women on the court at all times or need to play with 5 players. Well, I got up as if I was going to shake it off…like any other time with a tweak of a muscle or ankle - only this time, there was no shaking it!

Somehow, I managed to scoot off the court and proceeded to cheer the team on to 3 wins! Guess they didn’t need me after all!

I went to the ER that night where the half-asleep physician on call told me that I needed an orthopedic because my Achilles was ruined. Needless to say, I found my own ortho and scheduled surgery for Monday, March 26.

Less than a week later, my ortho seemed quite proud that I had a complete rupture and he explained that it made it much more straightforward for him to repair. I guess we need to be thankful for the little wins, huh?

Back to the subject of this post…I am so grateful to find this blog because in all my years playing sports, I was not overly familiar with ATR so I spent the past week of sleepless nights reading many of the stories and really getting my head around the 1 year recovery time. It helped immensely and I only hope that sharing my journey will help the next person!

I was also drawn to this particular blog because I ran the NYC marathon in 2008 and it was my favorite marathon (if there is such a thing for someone who runs as slowly as I do!).

So, I have officially joined the club!

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  1. Hi, Deanna. It is with some sadness that I welcome you to the club! But, it’s a good group of people, here, and I hope you’ll find you get some good advice from them.

    I, too, ruptured my AT playing volleyball. I have played all different sports ever since Junior High (just turned 45 on March 26th), and this is the first injury I’ve ever had that has prevented me from playing. So, in a way, I’ve been lucky to not have any major injuries (knocking on wood) for all these years. But, the way I see it, anyone who plays sports will eventually fall to some sort of injury - it’s the law of averages. So, my theory caught up to me. I’m ok with that in my mind, even though I can’t stand sitting on the sidelines while my team goes out to play every week! I’m competitive, and don’t like to even sit out a minute, when we have more than 6 people and have to rotate! But, what are you gonna do? We’re hurt. We need time to recover. Rehab will start soon enough. Do what the docs and PTs tell you to do, and we’ll get back to playing shape soon enough!

    I’m confident I’ll be back on the court. And, on my bicycles. And, hiking on the trails. And……

    You’ll get there, too! Keep up your positive attitude. Keep posting and reading. Reading others’ stories and commenting back and forth helps me cope. I hope we can help you cope, too!

  2. Hi Eric,
    Thanks for your note! I totally agree about being sporty and one day knowing something would give. I have read some of your other posts and will be hoping for a speedy recovery for you as well so that you can fully enjoy Hawaii with the fam later this year. It’s a beautiful place!

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  3. Welcome, Deanna! I, like you, found this site after injuring my AT and researching the ‘net for a forum to help me. This is the perfect place. I’m a younger guy (26) than most ATRs it seems, but it’s good to know no matter what this group is supportive. I’m glad I’ve found a few people, like you, who’ve ruptured around the same time I have and will be able to go through the recovery with them.

    I am 20 days post ATR, and 9 days since surgery. It seems recovery times vary, but the 1 year mark seems like a good place to put a 100% recovery, Deanna. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to run, bike, play Vball or basketball (in my case) before that, but it’s a realistic timetable for it to return to strength. Welcome, and good luck!

    Eric, this is my first major injury as well!

  4. Hi Matt! Seems as if we are only a week apart in our injury/surgery timeline. I will be reading your notes all along the way and wish you luck in this process! These first two weeks pre-dr visit seem as if they will last a lifetime but it’s all part of the process. Like you said, I’m going to be really diligent in elevating in the hopes that will help in the long-run. We’re in it together!!

  5. Hi Deanna, nice to meet you. I guess I am a month ahead of you, my surgery was 24th February. I have found this to be such a useful site, I spend a lot of time researching and reading peoples blogs but it has made such a massive difference to my frame of mind.

    I look forward to reading how you get on and good luck with your recovery!

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