5 weeks in and started to drive ah freedom

Today is 5 weeks post surgery and seem to be coming along nicely. Started to drive this week which has been a god send. Started using my right leg in the boot to work both pedals but slowly started to use my left to brake and now it’s breeze. What a difference it makes let me tell you. Now down to 2 wedges in my boot which makes it much easier on my hips as I don’t ave to swing my leg nearly as much. Still have some swelling, thinking of using voltaren gel to help. Has anyone had much success with it? Had my first physio appt which was kind of disappointing as I spent most of my time working on my hips and back which I don;t think I have thrown out at all. They wanted to do acupuncture but I didn’t go for it. Has anyone had it done to help the swelling? My range of my motion is getting better everyday hope to get in a pool next week to do some therapy.

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  1. I hear you on the hips! I wore a variety of heel heights while in the boot. Evening up as much as possible really saves the hip and back! Idk about the acupuncture. I don’t think it could hurt though. Hurray for improving range of motion. Good luck on the recovery :)

  2. kellygirl you are so right about evening up. I think Norm (of the north) put it best when he said docs don’t really pay attention to achilles issues.

    It’s not just about hip/back discomfort but rehab as I would imagine having a proper gait has everything to do with achilles rehab. In other words the boot is in ways an impediment to rehab.

    In addition to getting the height even…. with multiple wedges/angle the sole of the boot can make a huge difference. The vacocasts larger sole is curved and was an immediate help to gait, as well as the comfort of the boot and angled boot instead of steep wedges pressuring under the heel. For me this resulted in immediate increase in ability to weight bear and resemble a walk.

    It’s unfortunate that there are all these post ATR protocols and there isn’t more emphasis on a standard issue boot that is the vaco or akin to it.

  3. Great news! I hope to be in a similar position as you very soon. I am a couple weeks out from the last surgery and hope to be driving too!

  4. Sweet freedom! Awesome to see you can drive! I am looking to progress as quickly as you. I need to be back to being useful in the world haha. Happy healing

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