Limping on….

Sorry for not posting any progress, in the last few weeks my mother took a turn for the worst in her health and she passed away. I have not been able to go to any of my PT sessions due to this reason but hopefully I will be on track starting next week.

I have however been walking around a lot but still with a limp and when I over do it, my Achilles is sure to let me know! I am able to walk a little better with not too much but still limping slightly due to the fact that my “good” leg has so much calf lift in my stride. I plan to start building up my calf in the other leg, but I am cautious as to not over doing it. There has been a fair amount of swelling when I have walked too much, but I have learned to take it easy when it comes to over exerting it.

Side note: This lady’s dog got loose from her leash a few days ago and ran out toward the street. I instinctively took off running trying to help her recover her dog before it ran off into the street and completely forgot about my leg (I love dogs). That was perhaps not a wise decision by me because I paid for it in soreness in my Achilles for a few days. Hopefully I did not mess any thing up.

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  1. Sorry for your loss. That’s terrible.

    Has it helped your healing to have a dog? Is walking him/her doing a number on your Achilles?

  2. I sympathize with you for your loss and I hope for you fond loving memories.

    As for your limp, part of PT is gait training. He/she should be able to watch you walk and correct whatever you are doing. We limp for several reasons. One is because the tendon doesn’t have dorsiflexion ROM yet, another is the lack of calf muscle strength for push off, and yet another is fear of pain. Most lose the limp at some point before 6 months and it’s rarely life long according to my PT.

    I found proper stretching and time helped with the ability to dorsiflex correctly in a smooth gait, at 16 weeks when I was really able to build calf strength that aided in getting rid of the limp, and learning how to walk heel to big toe via corrections my PT made. She had me walk on the treadmill backwards to learn what a correct heel to toe felt like by having to go toe to heel. It worked for me.

    Best of luck to you!

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