8 Weeks Post OP

I had my 8 week post op and got great news today! After speaking with my doctor at week 6 he did indeed give me the go ahead on FWB, as long as there was no pain and I did it on flat surfaces, and I had the boot on. I have been religiously doing my ROM exercises 2 to 3 times a day. I have also been riding the stationary bike every other day with the boot on for the last week and a half. Usually no more than 15 minutes and after doing upper body and core exercises. I have also been massaging the tendon and wound area, and using a foam roller on the weakened calf muscle. The Doc said I have no swelling at all in the tendon area and it feels great. I have almost full range of motion back as well. The tendon feels tight and the foot still feels real weak. The calf on the injured side is a full inch smaller than the good one. He wants me to start building strength back at this time and has referred me to PT. His reasoning behind not sending me earlier was because he gave me the ROM exercises that the therapist would have given me, and he thought I could handle doing those on my own. The heel wedge has been removed and should be on my way to 2 shoes within a couple of weeks. He wants to make sure the tendon is completely healed before I go 2 shoes. I am real happy with the progress so far. I still have a long road ahead, but I am glad I fought to go full weight bearing at 6 weeks.

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  1. Fantastic, sounds like your are doing all the correct things and making great progress, keep it up!

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