2 Weeks Post Op

First post op appointment was today.  Stitches are out the wound is healing very well.   I tried to attach a picture, but couldn’t figure it out.  There was not a lot of swelling and Dr was able to cast at 90 degree!!  I guess that is good news because he said when I go into the boot in 2 weeks I won’t need a wedge.  We’ll see!  It’s tough, but I’m keeping my head up!!  My balance on the right foot is getting great.  I can really hop around well on one foot!!

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  1. Wow 90 degrees at 2 weeks and stitches removed. I have to admit I am a little jealous since it took 3 weeks for removal of my stitches and I am having a tough time going to 90 degrees for the cast they put me at 45 and told me to do physical therapy to increase that. How are you doing this miracle recovery.

  2. I think I’m just real lucky. I have always been a quick healer when I get cuts. As far as getting to 90 degrees, the OS said I was lucky that there was not much separation between the ruptures end and he was going to try to get it close to 90 right after the surgery. He was able to initially cast it real close. I only had to pull my foot up about 1 cm to get it there. Then he casted at 90. We’ll see what happens next. I’ll try to post a pic of the wound and the cast. I still have a long road ahead!

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  3. Congrats!

  4. http://AchillesBlog.com/dkirkpatrick/2014/07/15/2-weeks-post-op/image/

  5. I was the same at 2 weeks - no miracle I am afraid, have to agree, a lot down to amount of separation in the tendon and how well the scar has healed (No one has a quick healing tendon, due to the lack of blood supply) To be honest it won’t get us to the final destination any quicker but what it does do is allow us to hobble around a bit sooner on two feet without crutches - which is good I can’t deny that!!!!

  6. Heel wedges or hinged boot angled down are not a barrier to early boot walking, as you can see from all the best protocols. E.g., UWO hits PWB at 2 weeks in and FWB at 4, all still in full PF/equinus, 2cm of heel wedges. Wedges don’t come out til 6 weeks post-whatever, so I had two weeks of walking fast in my boot - NOT hobbling!! - before I got to neutral. It takes a few minutes more work to even up your two legs if you’re in equinus, but that’s about the only downside.
    Post-op patients might have a problem getting to neutral as quickly and easily as non-op, because some (many? most??) OSs trim enough off the torn AT ends to make the system shorter than before. (Mine did that quite intentionally, he told me.)

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