Some Suggestions for week 1

Elevation is key! ┬áInstead of using a pillow under your leg you can elevate by putting the pillow under the mattress it raises the whole mattress and you don’t have to worry about kicking to pillow out from under your leg.

You need a shower chair.  It saved me from being stinky!

A rolling office chair is great helping to get around the kitchen!

3 Responses to “Some Suggestions for week 1”

  1. Yes it is!! Elevated above the heard is the best thing to do during your healing process. And really helps if you have a walk in shower instead of a tub.

  2. I found the pillow under the mattress more uncomfortable for me, but it is a great suggestion. I used a long body pillow under my leg. It was enough to elevate and since it ran down my whole leg and not just the lower half it was easier on me.

  3. I like that idea!! I may try it out.

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