Here are links to the pics I took
Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to post the actual pictures.  If you copy these links the pics will come up.

2 Weeks Post Op

First post op appointment was today.  Stitches are out the wound is healing very well.   I tried to attach a picture, but couldn’t figure it out.  There was not a lot of swelling and Dr was able to cast at 90 degree!!  I guess that is good news because he said when I go [...]

Some Suggestions for week 1

Elevation is key!  Instead of using a pillow under your leg you can elevate by putting the pillow under the mattress it raises the whole mattress and you don’t have to worry about kicking to pillow out from under your leg.
You need a shower chair.  It saved me from being stinky!
A rolling office chair is [...]

One Week Post Op

I have read numerous posts on this site and I am glad I don’t have to go through this alone.  I ruptured my left achilles doing something I have done thousands of times in my life, running bases.  I was on first base when my teammate hit a line drive to right field.  As I [...]

Hello world!

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