8 Weeks Post OP

I had my 8 week post op and got great news today! After speaking with my doctor at week 6 he did indeed give me the go ahead on FWB, as long as there was no pain and I did it on flat surfaces, and I had the boot on. I have been religiously doing my ROM exercises 2 to 3 times a day. I have also been riding the stationary bike every other day with the boot on for the last week and a half. Usually no more than 15 minutes and after doing upper body and core exercises. I have also been massaging the tendon and wound area, and using a foam roller on the weakened calf muscle. The Doc said I have no swelling at all in the tendon area and it feels great. I have almost full range of motion back as well. The tendon feels tight and the foot still feels real weak. The calf on the injured side is a full inch smaller than the good one. He wants me to start building strength back at this time and has referred me to PT. His reasoning behind not sending me earlier was because he gave me the ROM exercises that the therapist would have given me, and he thought I could handle doing those on my own. The heel wedge has been removed and should be on my way to 2 shoes within a couple of weeks. He wants to make sure the tendon is completely healed before I go 2 shoes. I am real happy with the progress so far. I still have a long road ahead, but I am glad I fought to go full weight bearing at 6 weeks.

5 weeks Post Op

Had my 2nd post op appointment and got my cast removed, thank God!! Took my first full shower and was able to wash my gross leg.  The wound is healing great and doc has me starting moving the foot up and down and some circles, to get the tendon gliding in the sheath.  He wants me to hold off on full weight bearing right now.   I do have 1 wedge in my heel.  Any thoughts about trying to go full weight bearing at this time.  I know he said to hold off, but I took a little walk around with the Even-up on my good foot and I did not experience any discomfort.


Here are links to the pics I took



Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to post the actual pictures.  If you copy these links the pics will come up.

2 Weeks Post Op

First post op appointment was today.  Stitches are out the wound is healing very well.   I tried to attach a picture, but couldn’t figure it out.  There was not a lot of swelling and Dr was able to cast at 90 degree!!  I guess that is good news because he said when I go into the boot in 2 weeks I won’t need a wedge.  We’ll see!  It’s tough, but I’m keeping my head up!!  My balance on the right foot is getting great.  I can really hop around well on one foot!!

Some Suggestions for week 1

Elevation is key!  Instead of using a pillow under your leg you can elevate by putting the pillow under the mattress it raises the whole mattress and you don’t have to worry about kicking to pillow out from under your leg.

You need a shower chair.  It saved me from being stinky!

A rolling office chair is great helping to get around the kitchen!

One Week Post Op

I have read numerous posts on this site and I am glad I don’t have to go through this alone.  I ruptured my left achilles doing something I have done thousands of times in my life, running bases.  I was on first base when my teammate hit a line drive to right field.  As I rounded 2nd base it happened.  I though the ball hit me in the heel.  I got up took another step and fell back down again.  I saw the ball in the third baseman’s mitt, I knew immediately what happened.  Two weeks (June 30th) I was under the knife.  I had no idea what to expect.  That’s when I ran across this site.

I am currently 1 week post op today.  Surgery went real well, it was scheduled at 11:15am.  I got the the office around 9:15 and was prepped at 10:15.  I was medicated, nerve block put it in and asleep by 11:00.  Doc said everything went great he was able to put everything back together and casted me as close to 90 degrees as he could.  He said this would aid in the long term recovery, and shorten the long haul I have ahead to me.  He wants to get me in a boot as close to 90 as possible in my first post op appt. on July 15th.  I was home on my couch at 1:45pm that day.

I was very comfortable and numb until 10:30pm when the nerve block wore off.  I took my pain meds starting at 8pm and quickly found out they did not work.   I had to change from Vicodin to Percocet.  It was the most excruciating 35 minutes of my life.  However, once the pain meds kicked in I was fine.  I was able to come off of them by Thursday morning.  I was up and crutching around and went to BBQ on Friday.  I was still elevated and icing, but it was nice to get out of the house.

Today was my first day back to work.  I will keep you updated on my progress.

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