One month on….

Bit of a set back… Having visited with my specialist whereupon I was happy to be out of the boot, I went in for a follow up ultrasound scan two days later. The radiologist took many snap shots and I was able to see quite clearly the detail of my injury.
He asked about my timeline as he could also see quite clearly that I had a medial rupture to some 50% of my Achilles some 6-8 inches above the heal insertion point.
He was surprised that I was now out of a boot…so much so that he immediately got up and went to visit the fracture clinic next door where my specialist resides. Though he was not on duty that day, he insisted that I go back into a boot straight away!
I did manage to subsequently speak with the alternative orthopaedic surgeon to gain assurance that this was the correct reaction/treatment who kindly reviewed my scans and concurred. At least I’m not in the fully inclined, big heal version of the boot again…I’m in the 90degree version with small heal which does enable me to walk around without crutches. I do still get to take the boot off each evening as its more for intra day protection so its mot too bad I guess. I’m due back on 30th Dec for my next follow up so hopefully the boot will be gone for good then.
Anyone have any thoughts on my ability to exercise during this phase even with the boot on? I’m hating not exercising and in this Christmas run in, I’m fearing the addition of quite a few new pounds!!!
Most of the articles I can find only relate to post operative, full Achilles ruptures. Anyone know of any articles about partials?

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