Four week review

So my specialist has allowed me to ditch the boot…sweet relief.
I’m able to walk around with a slight limp but here’s the real deal….
Whilst I am able to raise up onto the ball of my right foot, taking my full body weight, when I try to do the same on my left side, I can’t even get my heal to lift off the ground…hugely frustrating. It feels like there is absolutely no strength in the muscle. Now I know that can’t be from any muscle degradation in the relatively short time since my injury so I raised this question with my specialist. His response was that because the muscle/ligament was torn, it will exhibit no strength for some time until its properly mended.
Anyone out there struggling with the same problem ie early recovery no strength through the calf? How long does this go on and how much training/effort an I put through it to speed recovery?
I’m waiting for scheduled physio appointments now which might help me understand my recovery prognosis but I’d welcome anyone with practical experience…

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  1. Hi dtingsy! This is the EXACT same scenario I was in prior to my surgery. So I don’t want to scare you with what I am about to type, but I hope it will provide some insight and how I got to this point.

    So I tore my achilles tendon pretty badly in May 2015. It was a 75% rupture, but I didn’t know it at the time because I was moving my ankle alright and aside from walking, everything seemed to be going okay. I had regular physiotherapy appointments each week and we seemed to be loosening up the joint and making things feel better. I had to wear a boot for a long time as well, only because I didn’t want to re-injure it. At this point, I thought things were going well. But week after week passed and I wasn’t really progressing to being able to take the boot off.

    My physiotherapist sent me from an ultrasound and that’s when I found out about the rupture and the huge gap in the tendon. I was sent off to an orthopedic surgeon for a consult. I think since I had to wait so long to meet him, the tendon healed but like you, I could not lift my heel off the ground. It was like the muscles couldn’t recruit and I couldn’t do a calf raise. I also couldn’t walk well without my boot because I couldn’t generate the proper push-off from that foot to propel myself forward.

    When I finally saw the surgeon, he looked at how my feet were positioned while relaxed and watched me walk. He suspected that the achilles tendon had healed in a lengthened position and that is why I coudln’t walk or lift my heel off the ground. Due to a lengthened tendon, the proper tension wasn’t there anymore to allow me to do these things.

    In the end, I elected for surgery. I was wearing an AFO up until surgery which definitely helped me to walk without a limp. My surgeon removed about 1.5 cm from my tendon and now it has tightened up significantly. I am in physio now and hope that I can do calf raises in the future!

    Like I said, I hope this doesn’t frighten you! I just wanted to make you aware because I had the exact same problems and this is how my surgeon suggested I fix it. It could just be healing too, but your health care professionals will be able to shed some more light.

    Good luck!

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