Three weeks on…

So Three weeks after ‘the event’ herewith my update….
As I said previously, I feel lucky that my ligament tear appears to be somewhat less traumatic than the multitude of other bloggers. My rupture is somewhere near sock line and I suspect only on one side and not the whole way through despite what my doctor told me. Anyway, three weeks in the boot now with the anticipation of just another week to go if my specialist is good to his word.
I get to take the boot off each evening - sweet relief, and even walk around a bit like a normal person…well, with a pronounced limp anyway. I am pushing my limits by trying to walk ’sans limp’ but still lack confidence to truly weight bear through my forefoot. Still, it could have been so much worse and I count myself lucky even if I’m out of sport for a while to come.
So three weeks in, walking with a small limp. Wearing the boot during the day just to keep me from hurting myself further, but able to feel normal in the evening. All in all not too bad I guess. Chin up to all of you out there going through much worse than this. I truly feel for you. I can imagine how difficult it can be and wish you all the best.

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  1. Did you have a tear or a rupture? I’m 5 weeks post-op and still not allowed to put any weight on my leg. My rupture happened in July and I didn’t have the repair until November due to a blood clot so I’m wondering if the delay is causing a longer recuperation.

  2. Hi joemoore, I was told by my doctor I had ruptured my Achilles but the specialist this week, referred to it as a tear, although he hasnt seen any scans or images. These I get to do again tomorrow so hopefully a better idea of how things are progressing. My ‘break’ is not near my heal but higher up where ligament transitions to calf. I’m sure I havnt done the whole thing though, perhaps just on one side. I havnt needed an operation so think I got off really lightly. The lack of strength right now is my biggest concern!
    I’m sure your delay can’t have helped your recovery as conventional action sees immediate repair then recuperation. Many other posts on this forum suggest weight bearing at only lengthy times after surgery so perhaps your status now isn’t so different but the time taken till your op has changed the total timeline?

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