ATR Rupture March 2nd: almost 9 weeks
NON-Op….no insurance. if you have insurance GET THE SURGERY!! I NOW have insurance through my work!
timeline: if anyone is interested what I did going the Non-Op route.

Weeks 1&2 in a cast angled down / crutches (NWB)
Weeks 3&4 in a boot 30 degrees down/ crutches (did my own exercises and PWB)
Week 5 in a boot @ 22 degrees down (PWB)
Week 6&7 in a boot @ 15 degrees down (PWB some FWB hobbling around)
Week 8 in a boot @ 7.5 degrees down (PWB / a lot of FWB) on and off crutches
WEEK 9 @ 0= neutral. threw the crutches in closet
Had my doc appt today 2 days shy of ATR. He said it looked good and my range of motion was good and no swelling.
He wants me to stay in the boot walking around for 2 more weeks or more and start weaning off of the boot. that will take me up to week 11. He is NOT a fan of the non-op route but I/we had no choice.
I have been rubbing DMSO on my injury and have been using it since 2003 when playing rugby in Brazil a coach had me try it on my knee. And I swear it is the best stuff!
I also have been standing FWB just watching TV etc for a week or so to get the foot used to weight….I weigh 240#! I have also walked to the bathroom and across the bedroom a few time the past 3 days without the boot in bare feet walking slow. I have not felt any of these foot pains i read about on this blog.
good luck everyone!

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  1. All in all, it sounds like you’re doing pretty well, on a schedule not too different from a lot of people. It doesn’t sound like you’ve had any complications.

    So, I’m just curious- what have you been unhappy about going the non-surgical route? (I had the surgery, am just wondering…)

  2. Well, I had no insurance — and screwed up the process so that it was 6 weeks before I had a proper diagnosis. So at that point, with chronic tendonitis, surgery was best option — despite setting me back about 15K in what were alleged retirement savings. At least it didn’t drive me into bankruptcy.

    That said, I’m tempted to say that had I gotten this right in first place, I might have been more than willing to try the conservative / non-surgical option.

    So I share RyanB’s question. That said, I also agree w/ RyanB that you seem right on schedule — and look like you’re well on your way to recovery.

    So congrats! Feel good about that. & you may yet be happy that you chose the conservative option. I’m happy w/ my surgery, but not with what I paid for it! Or how various parties jerked me around in the process. Staying away from hospitals is generally a good thing.

    Glad however that you’re insured again; and even more so, that you’re on track to recovery.

    All best!

  3. Djh, I also wonder why you wish you’d gotten cut instead, since your progress seems reasonable, and only a bit slower than my fave (op or non-op) protocol, from the UWO study.

    I also wonder what you meant by your “Had my doc appt today 2 days shy of ATR.” 2 days shy of 10 weeks?? I’m confused.

    @Janus: I get miffed when people refer to the non-op cure as “conservative” in 2012. I know that skipping surgery is often called conservative because it avoids a bunch of surgical risks. But in the ATR context, it USED to also mean “We’ll be safe and avoid re-ruptures by going way slow.” And going non-op used to mean going way slow, but ~4 recent studies (2007-2010) have shown that going non-op and FAST produces better results than going way slow! (Going way slow post-op also doesn’t help, but the outcomes don’t seem to be as different.) So the best non-op ATR cures seem almost scary aggressive — way too fast for many Docs who prefer repetition to evidence — which doesn’t seem to fit the word conservative. [End of rant]

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