I am 4 weeks after rupture going the NON- Op route. I was put in a cast for 2 weeks and then a donjoy boot angled down since then. Was at 30 degrees down and just got moved up to 22.5 degrees for 2 weeks. Since I was moved up I have noticed a slight burning sensation up entire Achilles.
Burning is the only way I can describe it. Is this common?

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  1. I’m at almost 3 weeks since surgery, the burning sensation happened with me too, however I think it was due to swelling from my stitches. I assume with your case it’s the swelling from the tendon. Hopefully it will let up soon, mine isn’t as bad as it was before, advil helps a lot!

  2. Do not take Advil! …Or any anti-inflammatories for that matter; I learned from my surgeon and PT that these may reduce pain and swelling but while doing so, they pull healing interstitial fluids away from the injury, weakening the healing process and encouraging the growth of scar tissue, which is hell to get rid of (you will experience this in PT massage if you haven’t yet). Pain is common, and with non-op (in my experience) almost constant. Stick in there!

  3. I’ve also read that NSAIDs (incl ibu = Advil) aren’t good for tendon healing.

    RT, did you have more pain with non-op than post-op? Neither of my ATRs or recoveries was esp painful, but the surgery sure hurt more than anything non-op. Post-op patients usu get fancy pain killers, and non-ops usu don’t need any.

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