ATR Rupture March 2nd: almost 9 weeks
NON-Op….no insurance. if you have insurance GET THE SURGERY!! I NOW have insurance through my work!
timeline: if anyone is interested what I did going the Non-Op route.

Weeks 1&2 in a cast angled down / crutches (NWB)
Weeks 3&4 in a boot 30 degrees down/ crutches (did my own exercises and PWB)
Week 5 in a boot @ 22 degrees down (PWB)
Week 6&7 in a boot @ 15 degrees down (PWB some FWB hobbling around)
Week 8 in a boot @ 7.5 degrees down (PWB / a lot of FWB) on and off crutches
WEEK 9 @ 0= neutral. threw the crutches in closet
Had my doc appt today 2 days shy of ATR. He said it looked good and my range of motion was good and no swelling.
He wants me to stay in the boot walking around for 2 more weeks or more and start weaning off of the boot. that will take me up to week 11. He is NOT a fan of the non-op route but I/we had no choice.
I have been rubbing DMSO on my injury and have been using it since 2003 when playing rugby in Brazil a coach had me try it on my knee. And I swear it is the best stuff!
I also have been standing FWB just watching TV etc for a week or so to get the foot used to weight….I weigh 240#! I have also walked to the bathroom and across the bedroom a few time the past 3 days without the boot in bare feet walking slow. I have not felt any of these foot pains i read about on this blog.
good luck everyone!


I am 8 weeks Non-Op ATR.

Whats a good shoe or boot to wear when I get back into 2 shoes?

Can I wear hightop murrell boots?

Any suggestions?

Mc walker settings

I am a non-op ATR dude at week 4 1/2.
Cast 2 weeks now on crutches in my Don joy mc walker boot.
I wanted to know what degree settings some used. I was at 30 degrees plantar for 2 weeks and now at 22.5 for 2 weeks. Doc ( jerk hates atr non-op) said every 2 weeks go down another pin see ya in a month. So that would take me to neutral at 10 weeks?
I want or wanted to be at neutral off crutches in 8-9 weeks. Do you think it would be safe to skip a week and jump to 15degrees now? Then 7.5 in 2 weeks then neutral at week 9?
Any advice or tips?


I am 4 weeks after rupture going the NON- Op route. I was put in a cast for 2 weeks and then a donjoy boot angled down since then. Was at 30 degrees down and just got moved up to 22.5 degrees for 2 weeks. Since I was moved up I have noticed a slight burning sensation up entire Achilles.
Burning is the only way I can describe it. Is this common?