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It has been awhile since my last update.  Recovery is going well.  Here’s a summary of my recovery.  Based on a second opinion I had the surgery on April 26th.  The surgery was bit more extensive than the surgeon expected as the tear ends on both sides were more like spaghetti and he needed to take a graph from my calf.  I was told that it was a very good thing that the surgery was done as the damage was more severe than what was thought based on the MRI.  First week post surgery was fairly painful, but got myself off the meds by day 4.  Needed to keep my leg elevated most of the time or my toes would quickly turn purple.  Did manage to go on a business trip 9 days post op.  Not the most fun, but made it through ok…  I have to give Delta airlines lots of good press, they really were helpful in working with me.

I got my staples out at week 2 and then was re-casted with foot only tilted about 10 deg down, got cast off at five week mark.  Now I’m in a walking boot with no lifts and PWB.  Started PT today and feeling pretty good.  Hopefully get to dump the crutches in the next week.  I’m so sick of the crutches as I have been on them now for almost 8 weeks.  I lost two weeks by not having surgery right away, but needed to delay due to vacation. Pain isn’t too bad now and looking forward to keep progressing through PT. Expect to be FWB by week 7.

I have been fortunate to have a surgeon (he is a friend of a co-worker) that has taken the time with me and answer all my questions.  He is well aware of all the treatment options, but has outlined a good plan tailored to me.  I won’t be playing sports for quite some time, but hopefully will be two shoes before the 10 week mark.


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  1. kellygirl on June 5, 2013 6:25 pm

    No lifts? That’s interesting. I guess because you were at 10 degrees and that’s already so close to neutral? Hope the WB continues to go well. It’s awesome to ditch the crutches–pure bliss, in fact! Good luck :)

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