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Cast is off!!!!!

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What seemed like an eternity, I finally got my cast off on 6/25 which was 1 day short of 8 full weeks post surgery.   My appointment with my Ortho was, well, not what I was expecting.  The Dr didn’t even look at my leg, gave me a little info, and said see you in a month.  He gave me a script for a 3/4″ heel lift and said to start PT.

First thing I did when I got home was shower.  It felt so good to get fully into the shower and wash my leg.  Still sitting on a chair obviously.  My leg/foot looked nasty.  Dry skin everywhere etc…. but at least I am out of that cast.

That night I was able to put 2 shoes on!!!

Set up an appointment for the heel lift the very next day and PT in 3 days.  Got basically 2 wedges that I am able to peel layers off of.  Only shoe they fit into was my winter hiking boots.  Meh whatever.  I tried putting weight on the foot a little while using the crutches.  Didn’t do too much at that point until I went to PT.

Therapy was great although I was nervous.  He looked at the leg and then put a warm wrap on it with the electo-stimulus (or whatever its called) pads for 20min.   Afterwards he massaged the foot for a while which felt great but hurt at the same time.  Then the fun came.  He started to push on my foot upwards and while I didn’t resist, I was very tense for fear of re-rupture.  He assured me that the only way I would re-rupture is if I go out and jump or run.  He also mentioned that he thought I should have more flexibility than I do but everyone heals differently.  My homework was to walk on it with crutches and do some stretches that he showed me.

Leg and foot felt great after therapy and through the weekend before my next appointment.  I am loving the mobility I have and putting less weight on my hands while using the crutches.  Sure, I walk about as fast as a snail but I am walking (kinda). My foot still looks nasty on the sole but its getting better.  I gained some flexibility on my own but not much.

Second PT appointment was great.  My foot felt like it flexed a lot further and when we were done I was able to walk more.  We peeled a layer off my heel lift and I am now walking with less support from the crutches but definitely still need them.  I see the PT again today to peel another layer off the heel lift and hopefully get some more flexibility back.

Till next time……

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  1. andrew1971on 05 Jul 2012 at 10:54 am 1

    Well it’s trues that eveyone does heal differently for sure :)

    It’s good to read how quickly you’re progressing now you are our of the cast…. keep flexing and working on that range of movement within your own limits of course :)

    Happy healing :)

  2. hillieon 06 Jul 2012 at 2:27 am 2

    2 shoes at this stage in your timeline. Compares well with most of us here.

    Without the mobility and strength increases allowed gradually by a boot, I’m not sure where your physio expected the flexibility to come from. Anyway, you have your shoes/boots now, so take care and look forward to the hard work to come!

  3. dizmarkieon 06 Jul 2012 at 10:50 am 3

    What does the boot give me that a shoe with heel lift doesn’t? I thought the boot would give me less flexibility by limiting my ankle movement and was a tool to use when getting out of the cast sooner than I did. My PT didn’t say anything and I never questioned it. I will ask my PT now that you brought this up to see what he has to say and then my Dr at the end of the month, but would like your input if you don’t mind.

    I am getting some more flexibility and am now down to 1 crutch for shorter walks. My foot hurts on the outside a little from not realizing i was putting most of my weight there but in the end I am walking better now.

  4. hillieon 06 Jul 2012 at 1:17 pm 4


    Well, as you know, there are fixed boots, hinged boots, and casts. I can only speak from my own experience of right leg, full ATR. Looking again at your previous posts, your length of time in the cast is not unheard of by any means, but seems to be longer than many of us here. A case of boot v cast, rather than boot v shoes.

    I had a Vaco hinged boot which gave me a controlled, increasing range of movement (ROM) from the beginning of my 3rd week. By week 8, my boot had been adjusted (no wedges to remove) to allow a ROM of 30 degrees PF, 15 degrees DF i.e. a range of 45 degrees. If you were wearing that cast for getting on for 8 weeks, did you have that amount of movement available when it was removed? I was able to exercise and flex (Theraband, etc) by about week 4, take boot off, wash leg and boot liner fully, etc. Lighter too - I don’t know, maybe.

    I was in shoes (with lifts) by week 9, and driving 2 days later. My written protocol was detailed even to the extent that, in bold type, it said no driving until that point, and only if I could do emergency stop.

    So you are in the shoes at similar timeline as me but had to suffer the limitations of the cast for much longer - that is the difference. I was non-op but same protocol applied at my ortho centre for those operated on. Maybe your injury was especially nasty and required fixed support for longer - although my boot could also be limited to ‘no ROM’ (and it was for first 2 weeks).

    Apologies for the long winded response but I hope that it answered your question.

  5. onhiatuson 19 Jul 2012 at 11:20 pm 5

    Your post just made me feel so much better @dizmarkie! I’m about 6.5 weeks in on this process & my cast came off today. No boot, no weight bearing for two more weeks, and PT not for another 12 days. I’m kind of scared at having no protective barrier on my leg but I like your comment from the PT about how the only way it would re-rupture would be to go run & jump. Not that I’m going to test things out but just good to know I don’t have to be as freaked out as I am…. Thanks!

  6. dizmarkieon 20 Jul 2012 at 7:27 am 6

    @onhiatus- Yeah I was a little freaked out when the cast came off. My leg felt like a wet noodle or something. I did very little until I went to PT. Take care and good luck!

  7. gntwagneron 20 Jul 2012 at 11:07 pm 7

    I just got my cast off today. I wasn’t in mine for 8 weeks tho! It was a little weird going full weight bearing, albeit with 1 crutch with a boot on. Now my heel feels bruised but I know that’s just because I haven’t been on it. Did you have that? If so, how long before that went away? My doc says 3 weeks in the boot & then maybe we’ll see about PT! Sounds like it’s done a world of good for you. In the meantime, I’m headed for the shower to scrub off some of that nasty dead skin! 2 footed in the shower! Ahhh!

  8. dizmarkieon 23 Jul 2012 at 12:34 pm 8

    @gntwagner- Yeah I was sore on my heel and outside of my foot at first. I think I was putting my weight down mostly on the outside of my foot. Once I realized this the pain went away there. The heel pain did feel like bruising and did go away after a few days. Hope that helps!

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