Jan 10 2013


36 weeks- any Telemark skiers out there?

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Its been some time since I have updated my progress.  I am at 36 weeks now and am feeling pretty good.  I still have some swelling, especially after activity but everything else is coming along great.  I no longer wake up with a stiff foot!  At this point I can still tell that while walking it is definitely tighter than my “good” leg but only when I focus on it, otherwise I can’t tell.  I have also started skiing again but only Alpine for now.  Which leads me to my question in the title.  I typically Telemark ski and have for some time.  My therapist mentioned to probably not Tele till later in this ski season so I am on Alpine gear for now.  No issues at all with Alpine but I want to get back to Tele.  Any one out there have any experience coming back from Achilles surgery and Tele Skiing?  I know I could probably get “my fix” by taking easy runs and not performing deep turns but I also don’t want to push it and risk further injury. Any help out there would be great!

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Aug 02 2012


Walking!!! Well…Kind of

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I saw my orthopedic surgeon Monday this week and said I was looking good but need to aggressively stretch this tendon.  He also said I could lose the single crutch that I had been using but to discuss with my PT.  Tuesday I saw my therapist and he also said to ditch the crutch!

I am doing great with my limp that I have.  I really have to concentrate on walking properly though otherwise I get this Frankenstein kind of limp going on.  HAHA!  Also noticed that I need to massage the bottom of my foot otherwise I get pain.  At first I thought I may have bruised the outer part of my foot but after massaging with a tennis ball I feel much better.  Anyone else get this?

Continuing working on my ROM for now and hopefully get rid of the limp soon.  PT gave the ok to hit the gym again but for upper body only of course.  Thank god!


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Jul 05 2012


Cast is off!!!!!

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What seemed like an eternity, I finally got my cast off on 6/25 which was 1 day short of 8 full weeks post surgery.   My appointment with my Ortho was, well, not what I was expecting.  The Dr didn’t even look at my leg, gave me a little info, and said see you in a month.  He gave me a script for a 3/4″ heel lift and said to start PT.

First thing I did when I got home was shower.  It felt so good to get fully into the shower and wash my leg.  Still sitting on a chair obviously.  My leg/foot looked nasty.  Dry skin everywhere etc…. but at least I am out of that cast.

That night I was able to put 2 shoes on!!!

Set up an appointment for the heel lift the very next day and PT in 3 days.  Got basically 2 wedges that I am able to peel layers off of.  Only shoe they fit into was my winter hiking boots.  Meh whatever.  I tried putting weight on the foot a little while using the crutches.  Didn’t do too much at that point until I went to PT.

Therapy was great although I was nervous.  He looked at the leg and then put a warm wrap on it with the electo-stimulus (or whatever its called) pads for 20min.   Afterwards he massaged the foot for a while which felt great but hurt at the same time.  Then the fun came.  He started to push on my foot upwards and while I didn’t resist, I was very tense for fear of re-rupture.  He assured me that the only way I would re-rupture is if I go out and jump or run.  He also mentioned that he thought I should have more flexibility than I do but everyone heals differently.  My homework was to walk on it with crutches and do some stretches that he showed me.

Leg and foot felt great after therapy and through the weekend before my next appointment.  I am loving the mobility I have and putting less weight on my hands while using the crutches.  Sure, I walk about as fast as a snail but I am walking (kinda). My foot still looks nasty on the sole but its getting better.  I gained some flexibility on my own but not much.

Second PT appointment was great.  My foot felt like it flexed a lot further and when we were done I was able to walk more.  We peeled a layer off my heel lift and I am now walking with less support from the crutches but definitely still need them.  I see the PT again today to peel another layer off the heel lift and hopefully get some more flexibility back.

Till next time……

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Jul 03 2012


My story to date

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I am a little late to start a blog but better to start my story than not to start at all.

The Rupture Story:
I ruptured my Achilles almost 10 weeks ago on 4/27. I was playing pick up soccer every Friday night in a small group of regulars. A fun night to get my soccer “fix” in. I coach kids soccer almost year round so getting out there myself was much needed. Anyway, that night was one of those night where I was “taking it easy” so to speak. I was left wing on offense, had the ball in the corner and went to cross it. I didn’t even get to kick the ball when I fell over thinking someone came up behind me and kicked me in the back of the leg. I didn’t hear a snap or anything, just fell over in pain while looking behind me for who would have done such a thing to me. However, no one was around. Hobbled to the bench hoping it was a severe cramp or pulled muscle. I tried to stretch it but that didn’t help. So as I sat there focusing on the pain, I then knew what I was trying to deny. Its the Achilles. Oh god why?

Initial treatment/Surgery:
Now at the ER that same night as the rupture hoping to hear I was wrong. The Dr did the calf squeeze and of course nothing. He put me in a splint, gave me crutches, and a prescription for pain meds. On Monday 4/30 I was to call the Orthopedic surgeon and get in right away.

So, I go through the weekend with no pain really. Thinking this ain’t so bad. Maybe the ER was wrong. (still in denial). So I get in to see the Ortho on Monday morning. I proceed to ask, are you sure its ruptured? The Dr then goes, “you see this hole right here?” Proceeding to stick his finger in a hole where the Achilles should be. So I reply, “damnit!”. Splint put back on and surgery scheduled for the very next day. Nothing really to mention about the surgery as it was rather uneventful.

Post Surgery:
Now I am at home, in a half cast with a follow up appointment scheduled for 2 weeks later. I know typically its within a week, but he was on vaca. Now I feel the pain. My only relief is laying down with my foot up. Soon as I stand I want to scream from the rush of pain down my leg. I hate taking pain meds but I soon got past that. Thankfully we have a sofa that pulls out to a bed. I slept and layed around in my living room while my wonderful wife helped me with just about everything. I was ok with this for a few days but my active nature soon got me angered and frustrated. Figured I could return to work by the following Monday. Sure why not? Nope!  Not only was I trying to get there, my boss was being a voice of reason and telling me I had to take the time off.

2 weeks post surgery:
I see the doctor 5/15 to remove staples and get my cast. My only gripe about the appointment was that I should have received a blue cast to support the soccer team I coach, but he “accidentally” put on white. Oh well. Next appointment set up for 6 weeks later.

During Those next 6 weeks:
So I return to work the very next day on 5/16.  I had been driving with my left foot 1 week after surgery.  I gotta get around!  I am still coaching kids soccer and believe it or not, filling in reffing games as needed.  I figured once others saw my situation they would step up to help.  I quickly found out they could care less and still gave me crap about missed calls.  Seriously?!  Anyway, I found a couple people to carpool with to work so its only a short drive to meet them.  I also have a great boss and was able to ice up a few times a day and lay down in the nurse’s office here on site.  He also wanted me to work every other day but I was working from home Wednesdays only.  Yes I am that stubborn.

My only pain is when I pushed it and didn’t keep my foot elevated.  Until about week 4 I felt a pain in my calf which worried me.  It happened on a Friday afternoon and I went thru the long holiday weekend worried I had done something wrong.  Finally talked to the Dr on that Tuesday and he reassured me I was fine.

The big question:

Why was my treatment plan to have a cast for 6 weeks?  Why do I see most others going into a boot just a few weeks after surgery?  It seems as though the boot is the most common or most utilized treatment plan.  I did set up an appointment with my Dr to discuss that along with asking if my cast was too tight.  He mentioned that was just the way he had always done it and it makes him nervous to move to the boot for fear of re-rupture.  Good enough answer for me.  I will just wait it out.

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Jul 02 2012


Hello world!

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