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  4. Hi, I am 56 years old and at my 12 week mark. I did not have surgery, and all I had is the boot. I am now in PT 3x a week. I have started have sharp stubbing pains on both sides of my heel. How anyone else had that problem.

  5. Hey fellow Achilles warriors, I’m 44 and here I am 3 weeks post surgery, and going bonkers with boredom. I’m usually quite active and now totally dormant. I still have a cast on for two more weeks then I really don’t know what happens next. Reading many of the posts I have realized that this is a very long difficult road to recovery. So I guess I’ll sell my dirt bike and buy another when I’m healed completely. I figured I’d be good in 3 to 4 months tops, guess that isn’t the case, oh well! Does anyone know where to get a shower bag for my cast?

  6. If you can talk your Doc into getting you into a boot soon, you’ll be washing your “naked” leg before you get used to using a cast-protector. Check my blog and the linked studies for some protocols that have been tested in scientific studies.

    “One suggested treatment or protocol should not be considered any better than another,” but boots are better than casts for ATRs, period! And protocols that have been tested scientifically and have been proven to work well have been tested scientifically and have been proven to work well. (I’ve linked a few on my blog pages.)

    Also, any protocol that gets you off crutches and washing your leg sooner, will be easier on your body, your mind, and your life. (If it’s better for your AT, too, as they seem to be, that’s a bonus!)

    This time (second ATR, I’ve done both sides now!) when I was still NWB, I just used a black garbage bag, microfiber towel wrapped around the top of the boot (No cast this time at all), and a nice 1″W Velcro elastic strap (Dollar store) around my leg. It worked very well each time, and I reused the same bag until my PT said it was time to shower out of the boot (CAREFULLY and NERVOUSLY!) at maybe 4 or 5 weeks. (My blog probably remembers when.)

    If you really want a commercial version of the garbage bag, several are recommended here — check out To Help with Showering and Swim - Cast Covers. You could get one from a surgical supply store, a store in physio clinics, eBay, maybe Craigslist, or online suppliers.

    Some have you shove the cast through a rubber diaphragm, some are heavier-plastic versions of the garbage bag, some have vacuum pumps or the like to make the seal. I bought one on eBay 8-ish yrs ago for my first ATR, and even with a pretty slow rehab protocol I hardly had a chance to use it by the time it arrived.

  7. hello everyone…my first time logged in….i had a full rupture on 5/14th..surgery on the 18th….its been 43 days..but i just want to tell people out there..be patient…i know ur depressed,bored,feeling useless..unproductive…but it does get better..i wanted to fall asleep for a month and wake up without a cast..the pain…i had a 2wk post surgery cast..then the tight cast for 2 more weeks..when the doctor took the cast off, i begged him to put me in a walking boot…thank god for the walking boot…when its off..be VERY careful..the scar was healing fine..i was able to shower and sleep w/out the cast…PURE HEAVEN…slowly started walking w/ the boot…i wasnt that depressed anymore…i can drive with it…right now..43 days since the surgery..im walking w/ the boot…and no crutches..i work on a trading floor..so going to the bathroom or kitchen..i need to use the crutches to get there quicker…i;ll start therapy next week….the tendon is veryvery tight now…anyone reading this blog….that just had the surgery..the first month is pretty bad…no sugercoating it…it sux…be patient..it does heal !

  8. a few more things to tell everyone…my doctor was very conservative…before giving me the walking boot…he said my scar looked great..on a scale of 1 to 10..i was a 9…he was very happy with his surgery…2 weeks earlier the staples came out…i didnt have a lot of bruising,or black and blue color..but .i was very swollen…right now my outside ankle still is numb….but everyday i get alittle more feeling in it…but i know its going to a long time to come back…one final thought for everyone..when they take the 2nd cast off.(4 weeks since surgery)…make sure u ask the nurse for a wet towel to clean ur foot/ankle/leg….soaking wet,abrasive towel….its as good a sex.!! i told the doctor to go have dinner and come back in an hour…i told him i’d pay for his dinner..i was very happy cleaning my foot !! PUSH FOR THE WALKING BOOT !!! GOING TO BED W/OUT A CAST FEELS LIKE U GOT UR LEG BACK ….GOOD LUCK…AND IT DOES HEAL !

  9. 43yrold is right! I had full rupture on 05/05 and surgery on 05/12. Just came out of my cast on Thursday, 06/23. I play softball and run a few miles a day- being laid up had me down, bad. I’ve never been hurt before. My cast was the perfect angle to still ride my bicycle. Was riding 10 miles every other day to atleast do something. I have therapy scheduled beginning next week and am trying to stretch this thing out. It’s super tight and hopeful it will begin to loosen up. Everyone keep your head up— we are going to be ok!!!

  10. Just found that I am having Achilles surgery to repair my torn Achilles tendon I tore playing softball on June 24th. Please pray for healing. lanfie01

  11. today is 6 weeks since the surgery…although its very very tight…..im able to walk w/out the walking boot..with my foot out to the side still…i can stand straight up..w/out much pain…remember…try and ask the doctor to give u the walking boot sooner than later..be very careful when its not on …its pure heaven when u can sleep w/out a cast on…as good as it gets !! good luck people.

  12. 43yroldtryingtoplayhoopswith20yroldsresulttornat, I agree with most everything you’ve written, BUT you should try to keep your injured foot straight, parallel to the other, when walking, in a boot or 2 shoes.
    Shortening up your pace (not stepping far “past” your injured foot with your uninjured foot) will put less load on your injured AT, but it won’t get you in the habit of walking badly, and it won’t have to be un-learned later.

  13. thx norm….ur right….i have been extra careful…slowly walking w/ the foot straight….see ing the doctor thursday…he” prob be angry that im pushing it…but it really does feel better than i expected..when i read all these blogs..they got me really down…walking boot people….push for it….then u can lose the crutches….good luck

  14. The 2nd week after ATR surgery. It’s totally a nightmare when I first knew that I need a surgery, I had an ACL surgery 2yrs ago on my knee of my other leg, and I totally understand how difficult it is to go through all the recovery process and now I need to do that all again…

    Everywhere is now talking about layoff and I don’t want to take risk on my job if I take such a long period of sick leave, thus I have already started to go back office on my 2nd week. Of course things become inconvenience with the crutches and the cast, I need help from my colleagues for some simple stuffs like picking up the print out or get me a drink from the pantry… the crutches, the cast and the office chair are all part of my life now… anyway all I can do is try to think in a positive way that I will get better and better by day….

    I requested my doctor to remove the cast on my 3rd week, and he allowed me to do so but he told me normally 4th weeks would be better as the tendon is still very weak in the early stage.

    To all dear buddies here, I wonder is it too fast to take off the cast on 3rd week after surgery? (I really dun want any plastic bag during bath anymore) I aim to do FWB with one crutch on my 4th week, target to put on 2 shoes FWB on the 5th and start PT on 6th , will that be too optimistic?
    And one last question, is that possible to get back to some physical sports like basketball after 6 months in general?

    You guys opinions are highly appreciated.

  15. gt- Some protocols call for a boot almost immediately after surgery. So, with the appropriate caution, you should be OK using a boot starting on your 3rd week. I would talk to your doctor about showering without a bag though- getting the wound wet too early is a risk factor for infection.

    The schedule you describe (FWB @ 4 weeks, 2 shoes @ 5 weeks, PT@ 6 weeks) is very aggressive, but not impossible; it’s essentially what I did - I was 5.5 weeks to 2 shoes. However, I consider myself to have been very lucky: no setbacks, complications, negative factors, etc.

    At 4.5 months (now), I’m participating in all of my old sports- just not quite at my previous performance level. None of them are quite as stressful on the Achilles as basketball though. I hope to be nearly 100% at the 6 month mark.

  16. Thanks ryanb. Your information is very helpful to me.

    I wish I can meet the targeted schedule.

    Now is my 2nd week after surgery, I m with the hard cast n walking with the crutches with NWB… sometimes it makes my arms very tired even just for a short walk, so I try to walk with PWB (just slightly touch the ground on my injured foot), it makes my life easier… but I wonder will that be too risky on my tendon.

  17. 20 days after surgery. Finally, off the cast.

    I m 30yr old, got injured while playing basketball on Dec 27 and I took the ATR surgery on Dec 30.

    I think most of the ppl here would agree that the most difficult time during the recovery process is in the first few weeks with the cast. After the surgery, I had my first doctor visit yesterday, now my cast is off finally. It feels so good, no more plastic bag during shower, no more sleepless night…. It makes my life easier. And very lucky, my leg didn’t swell as I expected. My doctor told me to keep my injured foot above my heart level most of the time if possible and I did that every night, I think this can be quite effective to avoid the swelling.

    I switch to a walking boot now, the doctor told me to apply 1/3 PWB in the coming 2 weeks, following with 1/2 PWB for 1week then it should be ok to do 2 shoes FWB. I have no problem with the boot, it’s comfortable and a lot better than the cast indeed. When you can apply some weight to the injured foot on the ground, it’s a lot easier to walk compare to the cast (reduce the pressure on your hands when using the crutches) and now I can walk a longer distance. In fact it’s difficult to control the weight bearing, sometimes may be I put too many weight on my injured foot… but as long as I don’t feel pain, I don’t concern too much about it. I try to use one crutch now at the office, such that I can feel up one of my hand…. At home, I don’t put on the boot and don’t use the crutches at all, I take baby steps with limp to walk around the house (no pain), but this may be a bit risky so I have to take extra care….Now I can do many things by myself… that’s good!!!

    I plan to go back to the gym in the next few days to work on the upper body, may be start with some easy stuff first…I found out I gain weight in the last few weeks, as I have absolutely no exercise during the cast period.

    From reading this blog, my schedule seems a bit aggressive, but I will try to do it safe. If I feel any pain or any abnormal situation, I will stop and slow down the process.

    Wish everyone good luck during the recovery process!!!

  18. Re-ruptured my Achilles again in Week 8

    I first injured on Dec 27 and had a surgery 3 days after. At my week 8, I re-ruptured it again. And Now I am at my 1st week after my 2nd surgery.
    I must admit I did cry when I was told that I need to go through the whole recovery process all over again. I was so depressed…..
    How it happened? In fact, it just happened… I was in two shoes while walking up the stairs and suddenly, a sound “pop”… my Achilles goes again…
    For my 1st surgery, I was with the cast for 3weeks then walking boot for another 2.5 weeks then two shoes. I really dunno which part was actually going wrong during my recovery process that caused my re-ruptured again… I read many researches regarding ATR, there is always no absolutely answer for a correct protocol… is early weight bearing be better or it should be go through a long period of immobilization? My doctor told me the tendon achillles should be very strong around 2-3 months time after the operation…. I was almost at this benchmark, but too bad.. now I have to go through it all over again…
    This time around, my doctor didn’t place me a cast, I was told I could wear the walking boot after the surgery but NWB for 3 weeks.
    I wish this is definitely the last time in my life, to be honest I can’t afford it all over again.
    Hope you are all successfully in returning to full activity, and do not suffer the same as myself.

  19. That’s devastating news GT. In the previous posts, it sounds like you were making very good progress.

    It’s interesting to me that your doctor told you the tendon was very strong at 2-3 months. My understanding is that strength really starts to develop at 3 months; and full strength isn’t achieved until at least the 4 month mark. The 3rd month seems to be the most dangerous time for re-ruptures; not surprisingly, that’s when people are most often transitioning to two shoes.

    Wishing you the very best, and hoping for some better luck-

  20. HI GTGTGT, its nice to find someone in the same boat as me. 2nd time around! I’m a couple weeks ahead as for surgery date my 2nd one Feb 7th. Was yours a full tear? Mine was both times, I’m at week 8 still in cast at 90degree. Having one problem though last 2 cast changes incision has been draining. Last week the put in silver nitrate and a patch. I called today cause swelling at 90 degree is very uncomfortable, Dr got on phone and said he had been worried bout me all weekend. Whats up? I think he’s worried bout infection. Wants to put some kind of vacuum system on it to dry it up. But they have to get ins. approved. Guess I’ll know more later.
    Word to everyone if you’re getting cast change go in afternoon not 1st thing in am. Its just like they say don’t try on shoes till you’ve been on your feet all day.
    Sometimes I wonder If I’ll ever get better:(

  21. Hello all. So happy to have stumbled over this site though I wish I’d found it earlier. I’m 6 weeks post op with an ATR and went through some serious lows. I am late 40s but had never been injured before and have always been pretty active and independent. Needless to say, this was a serious blow. After finding this blog site (Dennis, you’re a Saint!), I want to hang outside hospitals and Podiatrists offices just to hand out information on this site! All who have shared information regardless of the info, you are a blessing! I have probably had more psychological issues than physical. I don’t like to feel weak or whiney and I’m just not used to having others do anything for me. Not to even be able to walk was a nightmare. I felt like no one around me understood, including my husband. So many times I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs and if it were not for my young son (9) I’m not sure I would have held it together. I feel so much better after reading your comments that it’s normal to feel a little depressed and that it is going to heal. I just wanted to say THANKS so much for the information!

  22. Not sure if I am posting this in the right spot or not. I have a question. I am 6 months out from surgery on my left achilles. I am back to running and some very light basketball. I am feeling soreness in my achilles tendon below the rupture site almost where it attaches to the heal. It worries me that it might pull apart at the heal.

    My original rupture was mid achilles. I had a very conservative rehab. Cast 8 weeks, NWB for another 4 after. So I am not sure whats going on. Anybody have any experience with this? Any advice is helpful. Thanks!

    p.s. Found this site just after I ruptured. Loved loved loved reading all the stories and feeling like I was not alone. People who have never suffered through this do not know what its like.

  23. Where do I post my story?

  24. LUNA…From the main page:

    To create a new blog, please create a user account first. And then, please send me an e-mail (achillesblog@gmail.com) from the e-mail address that you registered with, and I’ll create a blog for you. Please tell me what your username is, and mention briefly how your injury was caused. (The amount of spam blogs that gets created on the site is becoming unmanageable, so I’ve decided to restrict creation of blogs to just me.) I check the site frequently and check AchillesBlog e-mails from my phone, so it’ll won’t take long for you to get your blog up and running. :)

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