My doctor said I can start to drive but he has also said that I need to have the boot on for 3 more weeks.  He said that I can just put a regular show when I am driving and then put on the boot before I get out of the car.  It sounds quite tedious so I have not done it yet but I am planning to take a short drive to physio on wednesday and wondering if anyone else has done this, and also I tried putting on a regular shoe but my foot is swollen and it was difficult to take off so I was thinking of putting on a croc when I am driving but will that give my foot enough support?

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  1. I am exactly where you are. I am still in the boot, but OK to take it off to drive, then put it back on when I get there. Doc also said only short drives to begin with. Today I drove for the first time since November 3rd. Less than 2 miles. I have to admit, though, since I am cleared to “wean myself” from the boot I just walked out to the car in crocs and put the boot on once I got home and back inside (because I wasn’t getting out of the car.) I felt the crocs gave me plenty of support in terms of managing the brakes and gas. But when I start driving to work again I’ll have to put the boot on in the car. He also said to hide the boot in the backseat in case I get pulled over. I’m still not sure if he was kidding or not about that part.

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