how to walk with out crutches

I am on week 8 and just went to the doctors he said that he wants me to wear the boot for 4 more weeks but I can ditch the crutches.  So when I got home I thought I would give it a shot and wow it felt like I forgot how to walk and that I almost tripped over my own feet.  So I thought I will try with one crutch,  although it was easier than not having any crutches at all it is still extremely difficult and paniful when I put all my weight on my ruptured leg and I can’t take full strides (not even close).  So my question is how do you do it?  Does it get easier?  I found my leg was throbbing and I was getting alot of the needles feeling on the bottom of my foot is this a normal level of pain.

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  1. What you need is a shoe with a very thick sole on your uninjured foot to help even it out. If you don’t you can give yourself some back problems.

    Walking in the boot is not exactly the easiest thing in the world because the boot in completely inflexible, unlike your feet. I do not recall having any pain at all when I put weight on my foot even at 2 weeks after surgery. There was discomfort but nothing I would call pain. Walking in the boot does get easier and what you will most likely experience is a fair amount of pain in the heel of your injured foot. That goes away after a week or so. I found trying to use one crutch very awkward and bought a cane which was much easier to use but YMMV. If you continue to experience pain, contact your doctor.

  2. In the beginning I used one crutch on the opposite side. At when I went without any I didn’t really stride with the boot leg at first. I kind of lifted it with my upper leg and placed it next to the leading foot. So my boot wasn’t going ahead of my body, it was just coming to the level of the other foot. So it was like full step, half step, repeat. And yes, I definitely felt my foot “waking up”. It went away eventually and hasn’t come back. Keep trying, I used to read the blogs about people who “walked all over the place in the boot” and I thought “too bad that’ll never be me,” and then one day, it was!

  3. That’s true, GerryR. After I bought a shoe with a big platform for my other foot, it was SO much easier. The shoe I found was Easy Spirit “Genius” clog. My PT said they were the “perfect shoe to go with a boot!” They are on sale at Macy’s right now. And I think they are cute enough to wear the pair of them some day, hopefully soon.

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