supports and spasms

Looking for peoples opinions:
What is helpful to reduce muscle spasms and soreness?
I think when I see my doctor next week he is going to tell me that I can start wearing 2 shoes again, but to be hones I am scared of not having the protection of the boot, so would you reccomend a brace [...]


My doctor said I can start to drive but he has also said that I need to have the boot on for 3 more weeks.  He said that I can just put a regular show when I am driving and then put on the boot before I get out of the car.  It sounds quite [...]

vitamins or minerals

Just wondering if anyone knows what vitamin or mineral is helpful in recovery of our injury?

how to walk with out crutches

I am on week 8 and just went to the doctors he said that he wants me to wear the boot for 4 more weeks but I can ditch the crutches.  So when I got home I thought I would give it a shot and wow it felt like I forgot how to walk and [...]

the mental fight

I am a single mom of a 4 year old and am at 7 weekATR of my right leg.  I am seeing my doctor next week and I think he will get me statrted with physio.  I am feeling anxious and anticipating physio but I just need to hear from others who are doing it [...]