start driving again

I will be sseing my doctor next week and it will be my eight week mark I am just wondering do you typically get a driving boot at about 8 weeks or do you have to wait until you have removed all your lifts from your boot before they give you the ok.

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  1. Hi Columbo,
    I would suggest that you do not drive when you are in the boot unless you have a left leg ATR and automatic transmission. As a minimum I think it would be sensible to check with your Doctor first. If you were to have an accident your insurance may not cover you.
    Sorry for the negative opinion!

  2. I have to admit, I did try to drive in the boot many years ago but it is DANGEROUS.

    I now started driving at 12 weeks and only little bits.

    I’m with highflyer, don’t drive until you are out of the boot and sure of yourself that you can brake in time.

  3. thanks for the comments but I think you misunderstood me I would never drive with my air cast on but my doctor mentioned a driving boot and it is a boot that you put on for the sole purpose of driving has anyone ever heard of it.

  4. i did not start driving ( right leg ATR) till about 3 month or so. I was still in the walking boot but weaning myself off of it. so i took it off to drive and put it on to walk. The entire time i had my left foot at the ready incase i needed to slam on the brakes.

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