going down stairs

I am at about 15 weeks and for the most part I am walking with a little limp and I am continuing to go to physio. One thing that I still find difficult is going down stairs I still go with my injured foot first and then bring my other foot to meet it on the same step. I once went down normally for one step because I was not really thinking and the stretch and sharp pain I got in my tendon was intense. How did other people get past this obstacle and at approximatey what week were you able to do this?

supports and spasms

Looking for peoples opinions:

What is helpful to reduce muscle spasms and soreness?

I think when I see my doctor next week he is going to tell me that I can start wearing 2 shoes again, but to be hones I am scared of not having the protection of the boot, so would you reccomend a brace or a tensor bandage to ease the transition.


My doctor said I can start to drive but he has also said that I need to have the boot on for 3 more weeks.  He said that I can just put a regular show when I am driving and then put on the boot before I get out of the car.  It sounds quite tedious so I have not done it yet but I am planning to take a short drive to physio on wednesday and wondering if anyone else has done this, and also I tried putting on a regular shoe but my foot is swollen and it was difficult to take off so I was thinking of putting on a croc when I am driving but will that give my foot enough support?

vitamins or minerals

Just wondering if anyone knows what vitamin or mineral is helpful in recovery of our injury?

how to walk with out crutches

I am on week 8 and just went to the doctors he said that he wants me to wear the boot for 4 more weeks but I can ditch the crutches.  So when I got home I thought I would give it a shot and wow it felt like I forgot how to walk and that I almost tripped over my own feet.  So I thought I will try with one crutch,  although it was easier than not having any crutches at all it is still extremely difficult and paniful when I put all my weight on my ruptured leg and I can’t take full strides (not even close).  So my question is how do you do it?  Does it get easier?  I found my leg was throbbing and I was getting alot of the needles feeling on the bottom of my foot is this a normal level of pain.

the mental fight

I am a single mom of a 4 year old and am at 7 weekATR of my right leg.  I am seeing my doctor next week and I think he will get me statrted with physio.  I am feeling anxious and anticipating physio but I just need to hear from others who are doing it and do you start feeling some sense of strenght back once you start physio because I am really needing something to reach for because mentally I am so tired and exhausted I am looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.

start driving again

I will be sseing my doctor next week and it will be my eight week mark I am just wondering do you typically get a driving boot at about 8 weeks or do you have to wait until you have removed all your lifts from your boot before they give you the ok.

trip to disney land in march will I be ok?

Hi everybody,  I partially ruptured my AT on November 11 and it has been a slow recovery I am not able to drive and can’t get myself to work I am hoping I can get a driving boot in a couple of weeks.  I am just wondering I have a trip to disney land with my son  planned at the end of March will I be able to do all that walking and will my AT be strong enough?

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