Hey I’m just wanting to know if anyone has the thought I’m having! I have moved to the boot now and enjoy taking showers like a real human is suppose to, but I’m concerned right now! When I get out of my RoboCop Boot, I ask my wife to do that test they did when we first find out our tendon is ruptured.  When they squeeze your calf muscle to see if you have any movement in your foot, and I still have no movement…… Is this normal???and should I see movement later on after the physical therapy starts? I’m just asking because I still se the dent in my leg where the tendon was ruptured, but I am praying this doctor fixed me up cause I may ask for another Sonogram or what ever i need to see it, but I’m somewhat worried!

Today I got the boot! It’s a doozy! When they were bout to cut the cast off I was so ready to see the wound. And with them just about to open the cast, my wife had to get some pics in and then the cracked it open….. And the wound was healing very well. What I was feeling was the tape pulling away from the skin at times, and with all the swelling going up and down that made me think the wound was opening. I’m just releived right now.

I can now shower but I have to be very careful because one slip and it’s back to the drawing boards. I’m just getting myself into this great workout to max out my upper body and will see when I am able to start up my work with a physical therapist after my next check up with the doctor in 6 weeks! Man I’m just thankful for you all up here and will continue to get you all the juicy information. Once again ladies and gentlemen, I am in the boot and just about to try to get my first shower! My leg looked crazy, and I had no feeling on the sides of my ankle, but I’m glad to see the wound healing so well! Let’s go RAT PACK! Ruptured Achilles Tendon Pack!


Good morning my injured, and Healing community! I must say that this poor right leg of mine has seen much brighter days than this past week has shown it. My poor leg has been sliced, dissected, stitched up, pulled on, swollen, and now just left to rest until its better! I’ve decided to write about this leg because his story should be placed in manuscript for the masses. This leg will be the great sacrifice like Jesus left his story for the world…… ……….. OK, back to reality! Never on that level! These post are just for reading this has been a wild week! My mind playing tricks on me….

I say this because I can be resting my leg and all of a sudden I can feel the sensation of blood trickling down to my ankle! But honestly I cant say that it is or isn’t so I begin to get paranoid! This sensation is the greatest after I get up to use the bathroom, or get off of my crutches, but then when I’m back resting here comes that sensation. I tell myself that it’s just my blood moving back n forth so I don’t freak out! But I had a crazy dream last night “No Meds” assisted, I barely take them anymore.. I was at my first appointment with the doctor, and he was just opening the cast and when he got to the wound it was still open, infected, and just blood all in my cast! It looked like my leg had been microwaved or something! And all he said to me was “Rest, elevate the wound, and take these antibiotics”, I was like is my damn leg gonna fall off! Then I woke up and had to fix lunches for my little girls for school.

I don’t know if this dream was caused by the horrible movie I saw this past week, The Great and Powerful OZ! It sucked so badly that I thought this may have been my reason for the dillussions! I’m just wanting to ask others do they feel pain on the ankle bone on the outside? I’m wondering that my leg is just rubbing against the cast and it’s just burning because of that friction. But, sweet baby Jesus, it feels like wildfire in my cast right on my ball of my ankle. I

Other than that my injured, healing, community of elders and young Bucks! I have been blessed with a lot of motivation from friends and family, and my new “Ruptured Achilles Tendon” Crew, for short I call us the R.A.T. Pack! Well I hope you all are feeling better, and are in good spirits because I won’t let you stay there for long. We all have lives to bounce right back into, and while we may be down we aren’t down forever! Have a blessed day to all, and let me know if you think it was the horrible movie that’s got to me, or if you all ever had that feeling also of blood trickling down your wound, and resting on your ankle nesting infectious toxins and bacteria near the insertion… That sounds a tad bit nasty but sorry for the adjectives and descriptive review just getting ready to go back to Police Academy  school soon… Stay blessed RAT PACK!

I just had surgery on March 7, 2013 and today is the first day of my recovery to a new and improved Me! I just woke up from an agonizing night of pulses in my Achilles that kept me up throughout the night! I just endured the surgery to my Ruptured Achilles tendon, which occurred on 3/2/2013 while taking the physical agility test for the police department. My surgery was set up that following Monday afternoon and on Thursday 3/7/2013, I was prepped and cut on and now I’m one of the many who have this blob running and helping others. I’ve been reading this website since finding out of my rupture and I don’t waste time reading others… This website was so full of helpful information, guidance, and inspiration. I’m here at home just trying to get comfortable, but it’s much easier said than done…
I remember being taken into the OR and then the surgeon telling me how he was going to perform the surgery. He stated no staples would be used to close the wound, and then turned on the ipod to classical music…then I woke up with a extra 10 pounds of cast on my right leg! My toes were red with iodine I think, but I had to piss like Russian Race horse, and that quick ride to the bathroom opened up a can of pain I never felt! The nurse said I would not feel any pain until I got home…..LIE! As soon as I got to recovery I was in pain… But when I stood up, oh my sweet baby Jesus! I could of shat a square pine cone and had less pain…
Nevertheless, I was released and got my meds from the pharmacy. On the way home I became so nauseous from smelling the food my wife had gotten to eat for the kids. I had to take it slow cause the meds were not going to allow me to eat anything and keep it down, so I waited and ate about four hours later. As soon as I hit the bed I took more meds cause the pain was unbearable at this time. The pressure on the wound I could feel and prayed it didn’t come loose. I just took some pills and started thinking positively. Cause it took about an hour before the pills kicked in then I fell asleep. My wife stated I was snoring so loud but I was in need of that sweet slumber! After waking up I then was able to eat, but could not sleep due to me getting up and using the bathroom, I think I’m going to invest in a three liter soda bottle and keep it by the bed, because getting up to piss is dreadful! Lol!
If you all can help me out on what to do from here I appreciate it. Well I’m trying to get my first bath this morning, so I’m just wondering on how to do so. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back everyday with a update maybe twice a day… Check back with you later…..