One year and a month later……

I thought I should offer a one year update.  All is well.
I was injured with a full rupture 3/31/13, surgery 4/5/13, went to London on crutches 2 weeks later and took off the boot and began walking without help 6 weeks later.
I have been able to do everything I did before with no limitations which is [...]

10 Week Dr. Visit, PT and allowable activities

I just returned from my ten week visit (actually nine weeks 2 days but who’s counting….)
I am doing really well in general. My PT has been great. I have gone twice a week for four weeks and have seen improvement every week. First I got rid of the crutches and then very [...]

Life post crutches getting better every day!

So when my Dr. said we need to start weaning you off crutches and evetually the boot, I said great. So I left the office and then when I got home I stopped using the crutches.  It was much easier than I expected.  I still gimped around but was crutch free basically May 10.  I [...]

Just back from 6 Week post op Dr. Visit….

I’m alive. I’m back. I can begin to start to think about really commencing with introductory preliminary  actual physical therapy and weight bearing and the road to recovery……
I’m pretty psyched!
Not that I thought the visit would be eventful or in any way surprising (which it was not) but I feel a weight lifted off my [...]

6 Week Post Op Visit to Dr.

I am going to see my Dr. on Friday morning for my 6 week visit. This will be the fourth time I have seen him including the preliminary visit, the surgery, the 2 week post op visit and tomorrow. To date I have been surprised at how little information he has given me [...]

First Post

I was so happy to find the Achilles Blog site last week. I ruptured my achilles playing basketball on March 30 and was four week in when I found it. What a great resource for all for us and a way to share information and storys and help each other out. Big [...]

Hello world!

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