One year and a month later……

I thought I should offer a one year update.  All is well.

I was injured with a full rupture 3/31/13, surgery 4/5/13, went to London on crutches 2 weeks later and took off the boot and began walking without help 6 weeks later.

I have been able to do everything I did before with no limitations which is pretty great.

I golfed all summer, played a little tennis, rode a bike and began to run a little in August.  Running was the slowest and hardest thing to get back.

I started playing basketball in September at 5.5 months and after a few weeks being careful  felt like I could play again.  I don’t feel I can jump as well but I’m not trying to dunk it or anything.  I have played 1-2 times a week full court ever since.

I ran a 5k in March and just did a 6 mile kayak race.  I’m slow but active.

I have a visible scar, and often feel tightness in my Achilles but it really did go back to normal size and shape.  A little soreness is all I can say I have experienced.

I do take time to stretch and hope to remain injury free for the future.  Hope is a good thing.

For any new injured persons hang in there and do your PT.  It gets better and life goes on.

Cheers!  Doug

2 Responses to “One year and a month later……”

  1. Doug, thanks for sharing–I love to read these stories from people who’ve made it successfully through this gauntlet of ATR recovery. I’m almost at 10 weeks post surgery and just starting to dream about getting back to my more active life. I’m curious how you injured your Achilles, and if that particular activity now causes you any mental angst? -David

  2. Doug, How old are you?

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