Just back from 6 Week post op Dr. Visit….

I’m alive. I’m back. I can begin to start to think about really commencing with introductory preliminary  actual physical therapy and weight bearing and the road to recovery……

I’m pretty psyched!

Not that I thought the visit would be eventful or in any way surprising (which it was not) but I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders.

So I had been told to not bear weight until this visit.  As I had read from everyone else that was a slow approach.  I actually began to bear weight in the last week or so and began to drive and felt prtty good about where I was going.

Now the Dr. confirmed the logical next steps in my treatment:

1. I can begin (continue) weight bearing

2. I can start PT next week

3. I should begin to wean myself off the crutches

4. I can drive when I am able to have sufficient range of motion in my foot to be safe without the boot ( I have been driving with the boot and feel fine with it)

5. I should wear compression socks and elevate my foot for dealing with swelling.  He says ice doesn’t really help much at this point but I feel like it does so I will continue to use it.

 6. I should change the angle of my boot to zero - done!

Here is what he says I shouldn’t do:

1. Go for a run today - bummer….

2. Play golf soon - he doesn’t want me to play with a boot and says he is not concerned about the motion of a golf swing hurting me but that I could hurt myself by falling down in a sand trap or a gully.  He says I should use a cart at first and probably shouldn’t play until 12 weeks or so, when i am out of the boot, off the crutches and comfortable to walk safely.  I doubt I make it that long.  I’ll keep you posted.

3. Listen or ask for advice from bloggers who aren’t Doctors……

I feel like I have reached a new stage in the process or transforming form an injured, immoble, gimpy, whiny, shut in to a more active, more moble, participant in the still long road back to my normal life.

PT start Monday.

Cheers to that! 

7 Responses to “Just back from 6 Week post op Dr. Visit….”

  1. Love that last one! The amount of data on this blog is massive…something like 1800 data points is an amazing resource. Why NOT use this site to help guide your recovery?

  2. Hey Congrats Destorey,

    I was at the driving range for the first time yesterday since my rupture. Boy it felt good to swing the clubs again :)

    Of course follow through and balance was awkward but not to bad. My injured foot is my forward foot when swinging, I dont know if it would be possible if it was my back foot.

    Anyway, take your time only you will know when you are ready.

  3. Ice will still help immediately after you use your leg more than usual. For example, after Physical therapy.

  4. Hi destoreys
    This site helped me more than my physio or fancy doc, I’ve picked up loads of advice but more importantly it’s helped me be more positive , I do think he’s right on the gully and sand traps though.

  5. I used my (hinged) boot on the beach, and even RAN a few steps in it, when I felt good. First few weeks of 2 shoes are way more vulnerable than any time FWB in the boot, IMHO.

  6. destorey! Hi! I am also 6 weeks post op, saw the doc today 5/16..think i am 1 week younger.lol..been in boot for 2 weeks..,fwb. No problem..he said start pt next week and i could wear 2 shoes and lose the boot..i was prepared for that diagnosis as i have been on no heel inserts in my boot and incision is completely healed and i am fbw..but, i chickened out on wearing the tennis shoe out of the appt…waited till i got home to ‘try it out’ foot is on responsive..thinks it is still in the boot! However, it will wake up with use and patience..I have taken collagen plus vitamin C. Supplements since surgery and have done everything as instructed…i think i will be walking normal soon..i made appt with the pt rehab clinic at the facility before i left and asked them
    about their rehab protocol..they do not have one..said it was up to the patient..blah blah..so we shall see how well they do..if not happy i can some where else, but, i will probably do most pt on my own..I have been mushroom hunting on my crutches in the woods..for safety for the last 2 weeks, so i think i can handle myown pt right about now..PS…I have been doing epsom salts soaks 3 times a weeks since wound closure and it is amazingly soothing!
    Hope this helps someone!!

  7. Hey Destorey, sounds like we are about the same place, i started 2 shoes last Thursday also..used a crutch the first couple days, because it was so stiff..I find that soaking at night really helps it, because it really tightens up at night. I have not slept with the boot since last Thursday, and only wear it when I go out to the garden..I start pt today, which is week 7 for me tomorrow..everyday getting better and foot getting more flexible..concentrating on trying to walk slowly..and correctly..which is a real challenge because its easy to baby it and walk like a club foot..which i know will do more damage walking incorrectly than not walking at all! We will see how my evaluation goes today!
    Keep up the good work, and keep me posted..

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