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I was so happy to find the Achilles Blog site last week. I ruptured my achilles playing basketball on March 30 and was four week in when I found it. What a great resource for all for us and a way to share information and storys and help each other out. Big thanks to the team at Achilles Blog!

I hurt myself playing basketball on a beautiful Saturday where we decided to go outdoors and play in the sun. I was at the foul line and took a pass and turned hard to my right to begin to drive the lane for a lefty layup as is my signature move, and felt the baseball batt wack the side of my foot. I knew it was a rupture immediately.

I hate to admit that as a 50 year old male playing basketball twice a week for years, I have hurt myself many times. Many sprained ankles, cracked ribs, broken fingers and assorted bruises have come with the territory over the years. I even must have partially torn my achilles a few years back because the feeling of a baseball batt was the same, except this time it was much worse and I had no movement in my ankle.  The last time I let it heal and frankly had bad feet for about a year and half but thought it was my heal and never realized then it was my achilles. I must have healed sufficiently because I went back to basektball and didn’t have another setback until March 30.

I have had tweaks of course and even had felt some pain a week before and in the moments before my injury. So I have to wonder - had I stretched and torn my achilles so many times that it was ready to go and it was inevitable that I would rupture it eventually with my active lifestyle?  That is what I believe, and if that is so then I guess the sooner the better (hows that for positive thinking!) so I could have it repaired and get on the road to rehab and recovery because I intend to do everything I did before as soon as I am able.

For me that includes basketball, tennis, golf, running, triathalons, kayaking, hiking, weight lifting, biking, vigourous yardwork and I am a builder by trade so a lot of heavy lifting of building materials and equipment.

I have to admit the one thing I miss most right now is playing golf. I am an avid golfer and this is the time of year I am usually getting into it. I play a nine hole course every Tuesday afternoon with a group of guys at the Berlin, MA Country Club in MA from March to November and also play on weekends at the Causeway Club in Maine when I am up there in Southwest Harbor. I have been putting a little but certainly can’t play yet.  Let me know about tohers and when you were able to start playing and how it is going.

I wore a cast for two weeks and then went into the boot at 10 degree angle for four weeks. I go in for my six week check up this Friday and hope I get the go ahead to bear weight, start rehab and to drive.

I actually started driving last week and was throilled to get out fom being house bound or needing a driver to ride anywhere. My guys who work for me called it Driving Mr. Daisey……I did use my right foot which is the injured one and did feel some soreness after. I tend to get a lot of swelling if I do too much. I don’t really know how to not do too much………

I am interested in info on rehabbing and being able to do the things I love, even if it is a lot slower and more careful for a while.  thanks in advance for any commentsT

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  1. Hi Doug, sorry to hear of your injury, but I had to smile while reading as it seems your primary sorrow is having to miss out on golf (I know a few “Golfers” and they would agree with you!). Good to hear you are driving again - keep blogging, I’m also keen to find out how to regain an Active lifestyle.

  2. Hi Doug. I agree, lots of great information here. Am I correct in assuming you are non-surgical? I’m jealous that you got to get into a boot so quickly. My doctor is rather conservative–but I’m working on him.

    LOL about the Driving Mr. Daisy. Mine is my left foot so I can still drive–it’s one of the few blessings.

  3. I am a 42 yearold who is 2 weeks post op for a complete rupture of my left achilles. I was not casted. In a splint for first week then in a walking boot. My doctor says I can put 50% weight on my bad foot at 4 weeks and will be walking without anything at 6 weeks. My plan with my Dr is to be golfing at 10 weeks. Good luc

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