FWB! Nifty surgery techniques! The prettiest ugly foot anyone’s ever seen!

I’ve been postponing writing while I’ve tried to get the courage to take a photo of my foot, but I’m not there yet.  Even with a scar running from my heel to my calf, I’m still so vain that I won’t let anyone see my foot until my beauty therapist will wax it - and [...]

How I learned not to get ahead of myself

It’s not a big deal, no dramas at all.  I’ve not re-injured myself.  But I did have a tiny lesson this week about how important it is to continue to take this injury seriously even after having small (and I mean small!) wins.
At my sixth PT visit on Monday, my PT measured my range of [...]

Despina’s Helpful Hints Part 1

My goal for today is to write a blog entry that is not frivolous.  I’m going to try very, very hard.  So please find below my attempt to impart some knowledge / lessons learned / stuff that might help anyone who has just started on the road to ATR.
But before we even go to ATR, [...]

Looking Pretty

That heading is supposed to be ironic.  I just didn’t want to begin with something sad.
I missed out on the skinny genes.  If I look good, it is despite the Haigh’s and real Cadbury’s (made in Australia, not England) with which my friends keep me well stocked.
If I look good, it’s because I walk everywhere, skip [...]

It was a beautiful day at the Westchester Country Club . . .

The Initial Injury
I used to play tennis all the time before I moved to New York from Australia over two years ago.  But dancing flamenco 6-12 hours a week is easier to do here than play tennis, and so I filled in much of my spare time stomping and clapping and generally making a lot of noise.
I [...]