Looking Pretty

That heading is supposed to be ironic.  I just didn’t want to begin with something sad.

I missed out on the skinny genes.  If I look good, it is despite the Haigh’s and real Cadbury’s (made in Australia, not England) with which my friends keep me well stocked.

If I look good, it’s because I walk everywhere, skip spontaneously, dance, just had to spend 5 hours shopping, was listening to Disco Inferno on repeat while on the rowing machine and didn’t realize that an hour had passed by . . . you get my drift.

So you can understand my concern when I realized that:
a. I was going to become suddenly inactive; but
b. I could still reach the chocolate box, cookie jar, and my computer to order in apple pie.

At least I anticipated the issue.  So rather than give in entirely to sweet indulgences at a most vulnerable time (”this is one of the few pleasures I can still enjoy!”), I only half gave in.  I didn’t go nuts.  But there was still some very conscious, weighing up the costs and benefits (cost: weight gain; benefit: I don’t feel like inserting a knife on the edge of my crutch and stabbing people), loss of a body with which I wasn’t completely embarrassed.

Not only did I gain enough weight that my previously loose clothes are now really tight, but two kind of strange things happened, which at least I can’t blame on chocolate:
a. my right butt cheek is quite toned, and sits really high;
b. my left butt check is, in a ying and yang kind of way that I never imagined could occur, all of a sudden saggy, comparatively shapeless, and sits below my right bum cheek!


My husband kindly pointed this out to me the week after my surgery.

So, I not only long to be able to walk and dance again to build up my left leg, but also to lose the weight I’ve stacked on, tone myself up, and ensure that my left butt cheek is no longer put to shame by its neighboring friend!

And no, this is not a small matter (no  pun intended).  It is very, very important.

6 Responses to “Looking Pretty”

  1. You’ll be fine. No worries, right?

  2. despina: Funny post! I laughed out loud big when reading about the ying and yang butt cheeks. That is such a great description. You sound a little like me with losing track of time on an exercise machine. I know for a fact the fitness will come back before you know it. Thanks for the post.

  3. Yeah, she’ll be right mate! ;)

    People really do say that, by the way.

  4. If, like me, you can’t stop eating chocolate, go ahead and get good chocolate. A few squares of 85% dark satisfies me, where I’d eat a whole bar (or 2) of cheap milk chocolate bar :)

    For activity, I’m going to go get a couple of those exercise bands and see how much of a workout I can get with my leg elevated.

  5. Hi Cliff,

    You are right about the chocolate; if it’s just a chocolate craving, a little bit of dark chocolate, while definitely not as tasty as my favorite aussie milk chocolate, definitely gets rid of the cravings.

    With the exercise bands, are you talking about your legs or your arms? If it’s your legs, my guess is that you should ask your PT first. I’ll do a post tonight on what exercises mine has me doing (very few, just in case I got you interested on false pretenses!).

  6. gw0508,

    (Feels a bit weird addressing you like that, but at least you know who you are!)

    We should develop a shame page of insurance companies, doctors and PTs who’ve done us wrong (and just to be even balanced about it, a legends page of those who’ve been superstars!).

    That’s great that you are starting to do heel raises already. I’m a week behind you in surgery, but quite a bit behind you on the heel raises front, I am guessing. But it’s ok - baby steps.

    Thanks so much for letting me know that you , too were a late discovery (what’s with the hand doctor bizzo?!), and that you are doing just fine. It helps so much to hear it from someone who is going through it.

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