June 16, 2015 | |

Having ruptured my achilles on a Monday night, the earliest appointment for repair surgery that I could get was on Wednesday. I spent the Tuesday just watching movies and documentaries all day (thank God for Netflix) with my leg wrapped up in a splint. The pain was at a 10 on the pain scale and it was frustrating that all I could was wait until surgery. I did have Percocet that I found to be effective in the first hour or two, but it would wear off and I’d be in pain again.

It was a nerve wrecking time because surgery was imminent and I had never gone under the knife before. I was anxious for it to happen already while also really nervous and scared.

Finally Wednesday came and it was time to repair the achilles. Aside from all of the hospital administrative things, I just remember them wheeling me in the operating room and putting something in my IV that instantly put me to sleep.

Once I woke up, I heard the doctor telling me that it was over and that everything went well. He started telling me other things but I was so drowsy from whatever surgery meds they put in me and couldn’t comprehend much. I just remember being in so much pain. 10 on the pain scale had a whole new meaning.

As I started to regain more consciousness I kept feeling my leg throbbing. It was as if it had its own heart beat and was pulsating dramatically. Eventually I was discharged and my family picked me up. It was now time for the post surgery recovery.


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