Fast Recovery!

Had surgery on my Haglund’s in early December and the surgeon also repaired some bursitis and arthritis present as well as paring down the tendon that had grown too large since my first AT two years ago.  This time I used a spinal instead of a general and what a difference it made!  Within about two hours I was fully ready to go home and I did.  The first four weeks were non-weight bearing, then two weeeks wearing a boot and for the past two weeks I’ve being going to physical therapy once a week wearing my normal shoes.  I’m almost ready to be cleared to play golf again and to be allowed to walk normally again (easy hiking, playing golf, etc).  It looks like totally full recovery in less than 12 weeks.  The amazing part was that I have had zero pain, even from the surgery.  I never took any pain medication folowing surgery because none was needed.  As usual, the knee walker was a lifestyle saver, although I didn’t need it for nearly as long this time as last.  Hopefully this is the last time I’ll have AT problems, but I said that the first time so we’ll see.

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