Haglund’s Deformity

It’s now been almost 1/2 year since I last posted (but I’ve been lurking) and things are still no better. If anything my bump is even worse. It isn’t bigger, but it does cause me to get a 1/2 size shoe size larger on the affected foot and the pain after walking can be beyond annoying.

The last time I saw my surgeon (about two months ago) she pretty much said that I’ll just have to live with it. I’ve had additional physical therapy and pretty much lead a normal life for someone my age, but I could do without the pain. I’ve looked up everything I could about Haglund’s Deformity and it seems that, short of surgery, there isn’t much else I can do and I WON’t undergo surgery again.

Does anyone have any suggestions other than PT and surgery that might be helpful?

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  1. Did you have surgery for this before?

    I suffered with this for over a year and had surgery 4 months ago.
    The difference in pain is enormous, no pain on my heel when I sleep!

    I did it all, except the shock treatment, and in the end I needed surgery.

  2. Hi Mari,

    What I had was a bone spur removed and the achilles tendon detached “damamged” and reattached.

    Xrays and MRI this past week show no changes from immediately post-op so at this point we don’t know what is going on. My doctor suggested a change of shoes (which I’ve done) and to continue to monitor. As a last resort she can operate again and this time simply shave off some bone. She says there will be complete recovery (where have I heard that before) and I will be active again after two weeks. At this point, I will try to avoid that and continue with exercises and see how the new shoes do.

    Any other suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

  3. I had the surgery to shave down the bone in addition to my achilles surgery. The spur had shredded my tendon so they had to do a FHL transfer. What I can tell you is this, I am in much more pain now than before the surgery. Not from the achilles tendon, but from haglunds repair. It has been a year and two months since my surgery and I can do some things, but no where close to the things I was doing before. Everyday is better, but not pain free. I believe it will be someday, just slow getting there.

  4. I had surgery on June 9th. I had a heel spur removed, the tendon detached and reattach, the heel shaved down and a tendon transfer. I still have pain and continue to take pain meds.
    When I went back to the doctor he put me on anti-inflamitories and lidoderm patches at night. So far, it hasn’t helped. I’m not sure what the next step will be, but it is very discouraging to say the least.

  5. I too had this surgery on both legs only I would consider my surgeries to be a success. I do not have an explosive push off anymore but I am pain free (for the most part). Did any of you guys have your Achilles lengthened as well? My heart goes out to you guys. I am so sorry you still have that horrible pain.

  6. Isn’t is strange that all of us (for the most part) who had the AT surgery seem to be doing well with that, but those of us who are suffering with Haglund’s seem to be in more pain? My AT is doing great, no problems there. However, depending upon how much walking/exercise I do, the pain in my heel increases. It isn’t unbearable at all, more a nuisance because it somewhat limits what I can do. I guess that at my age that should be expected, but I sure miss the long hikes. About two miles is my limit. I’ve been thinking of removing the backs (heels) from my shoes to see if that will help. Anyway, if things change one way or the other, I’ll keep in touch. I’m about 15 months post-op and other than the Haglunds for the past few months, my recovery was spectacular. Keep the faith everyone!

  7. Dennis, the last 3 weeks I was having bone pain in the heel again too. Almost like before surgery.
    We took an x-ray and there is not bone growth so my DR is puzzled.

    It’s not terrible but not stellar either.

  8. yes same here had surgery for haglunds deformity and debridement of AT on 5th jan (the day the snow arrived in uk was i glad was off work that day), and while the achilles has heeled well bar a bit of numbness in sural nerve its the op on the heel whats giving me the most pain 9 weeks on. was expecting and work are expecting me back end of march but as i do a lot of running and carrying i think it will be a little bit longer than that. still wearing a surgical shoe as well as in a lot of pain trying to wear a normal shoe the wife just thinks im putting it on, dont think my employers are to convinced either but not going back until pain free.

  9. Kev - Show your wife and your employer this web site and have them read some of the posts. If they still don’t believe you, leave them both!

    My PT for the Haglund’s has failed miserably and I’m left to decide what to do. For the present, I’m going to do nothing. The swelling goes up and down, depending on my activity level. Had I known what I was facing about 15 months ago I would not have had the operation. What started as a run of the mill bone spur has wound up changing my life style dramatically. I’m not trying to get pity, just stating the facts. I didn’t have it nearly as bad as most of you as I didn’t have my AT rupture, but the operation was the same. I’m not a happy camper!

  10. Hi Dennis

    Thanks for the advice but I think they will leave me before I leave them if i dont get back quick enough Dennis!

  11. Kev - the “advice” was really meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Sorry if it didn’t come across that way.

    Have you tried physical therapy yet? It was extremely helpful to me prior to the Haglund’s. I really felt I was the poster boy for what a successful AT surgery should be like and it was largely because of PT.

  12. No its ok dennis I know what you ment, actually been discharged from PT today cant say it done anything for me really had it pre op also but same result. Tuesday have got to see occupational health I told you work were breathing heavy down my neck.

  13. [...] denny пишет: As a last resort she can operate again and this time simply shave off some bone. She says there will be complete recovery (where have I heard that before) and I will be active again after two weeks. At this point, I will try to avoid … yes same here had surgery for haglunds deformity and debridement of AT on 5th jan (the day the snow arrived in uk was i glad was off work that day), and while the achilles has heeled well bar a bit of numbness in sural nerve its the op on … [...]

  14. I just had surgery to remove a heel spur, detach and reattach my AT and also elongate the tendon about a week ago and the pain post op has been a little more persistent than I had expected. I had tried all of the conservative measures to prevent surgery including risers in the heels of my shoes, new shoes, stretches at home, anti-inflammatories, ice, arch and heel supports, walking brace and physical therapy. I have to say the pre-op physical therapy helped a great deal in preparing me for the surgery. It will be quite a while before I begin therapy again though. Basically the PT was to loosen my calf muscle and strengthen my muscles in my foot in the hopes that it would decrease the recovery time. Apparently, my AT was short and I needed the doc the create and incision in the insertion point where the tendon actually attaches to the calf muscle. The doctor did warn me that full recovery would not be for at least 6months and could take up to a year, but my AT was detaching from its insertional point on my calcanous and needed to be surgically repaired.
    Dennis–I see that it has been quite a while since you last posted, have things gotten better? I was told by a physical therapist that sometimes cutting off the back of your shoes can help reduce the pain and inflammation of a heel spur.

    Can anyone tell me whether during the initial stages of healing post-op pain in the upper portion of the calf is normal? I do not want to assume that it is just from non use.

  15. Christina: I had this exact surgery on both legs. (I had a few other things done depending on the leg but essentially the same.) The pain you are having in the upper part of your leg near the calf sounds normal to me as long as it is not coming more from the back of your knee. If it is coming more from your knee area, I would check with your doc and make sure there is no blood clot starting in there. Hang in there… it will get better.

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  17. Hello all. Im having surgery on 6/7/2011. I have a bone spur that has fractured and now lodged against the achilles tendon and im also having part of the heel bone shaved off from the haglunds deformity. Ive done everything conservative I can think of. Im not to hopeful about the outcome after reading this post but Im in so much pain when I walk I have to do this. I want to be more that pain free I want ot get back in to sports and running. anything short of that and the surgery is a fail. Good luck all and if you have any sugestions i’d love to hear them.

  18. William,

    “Welcome” to our happy clan. As I’m sure you’ve determined by now, there is a wide range of those of us who have suffered what you are getting ready to go through. Also, the difference between treatment in the States and the UK is very different as well. All I can say is to not try to hurry back after surgery and to listen to what your doctor and therapist tell you. Rent or buy a knee walker if you can and get a rubber “boot” that sucks out the air when you wear it while taking a shower. Other than that, it will just take time and patience. Good luck with your surgery and recovery.

  19. Hi everyone,
    Reading your posts is interesting, and thanks for many words of wisdom. However, i feel very anxious as I know I have Haglund’s deformity, worse in my right heel. I’m not in any real pain right now and don’t have a problem with my AT. Is it just a matter of time before this occurs? I’m only 35 and live for surfing and other sports plus I make my living from gardening. I fear my life is about to chage dramatically.
    Any advice…

  20. Hey guys,
    I have the same problem with my haglund’s deformity on my right heel. I suspect this was caused due to a lot of high intensity activities (I’m an athletic guy and I play basketball). I used to do a lot of sprinting and jump programs such as the jump manual.
    Anyway, PT, orthotics and ESWT are bot helping me. Should I do the surgery?

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  23. Haglund’s deformity sounds pretty terrible. I suffer from parson turner syndrome where my body is attacking my own immune system and there’s no real treatment available. I’m in rehab now but there’s a good chance of injury coming back if I’m not careful. I’m therefore cutting down on playing sports or going to the gym, instead just following my physiotherapist routine. I guess you just have to live with these things.

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