A New Milestone

Yesterday was my first milestone post-surgery.  My doctor removed my splint and replaced it with a hard cast which I will be wearing for four weeks.  She said there was no unusual swelling,  no infection and that everything looked great.  Obviously a plus for me.

I’m now allowed to at least rest my foot on the ground, as long as there is absolutely no weight being placed on it.  This is wonderful in that I can now eat at the dinner table rather than having all my meals brought to me in my recliner.  My knee walker continues to be a God-send as I went for a “walk” with my wife outside.  I just scooted about 200 yards in total, but it was a start.

I’ve been sleeping on a couch since this started but will transfer to the bed starting this evening.  It takes me about 2-3 minutes to finally settle down my body in bed so this will inconvenience my wife, but after 34 years of bliss this is what we both want.  I’ve seen some ads for a cast protector that one can wear even while swimming.  I want to buy one but She Who Must be Obeyed says she has another idea that we need to try first, so I guess I’ll do that next.

Pain is mostly gone except for the random “electric shock” that seems to attack my incision.  It gets my attention but doesn’t cause anything lasting.




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  1. Good progress so far - keep it up. You are well on the way to recovery. This will be over before you know it - seriously!

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