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Day 4 - Surgery Day, my anethesiologist is a baller

February 12th, 2008 · 7 Comments

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My girlfriend drove me to the hospital. Surgery day! Waited for hours and finally was called back into the pre-op area. I changed into a gown and spoke with the anesthesiologist, in his mid 40’s.

He asked me how I hurt myself, and I told him. His face brightend up and asked me to play the guessing game:

Guess how many college 3’s I made in a row?” I said 7, and he said 19. I was impressed.

Guess how many NBA 3’s I made in a row?” I said 10, and it’s 11

Guess how many freethrows I made in a row?” I said 30, and it’s 62

I initially considered making ridiculously high guesses, but I thought better of it considering he seemed like a nice guy and he was going to be putting me to sleep.

My favorite player? Didn’t really want to think and didn’t care.. I said Kobe or Lebron. His favorite, Nash.

Well, he put me under real good, and the last thing I remember before the surgery is being rolled into the operating room.

After the surgery, I regained consciousness surprisingly refreshed.. then I got dizzy and nauseous. It was miserable, but my girlfriend came by to pick me up from work and took good care of me.

I now have a new cast, and my leg hurts a lot more than before. Luckily I am drugged up so it’s not so bad. So a follow-up visit in 10-14 days, and probably another one a couple of weeks after that.

She took me home, and I slept and slept. I got up at 9pm and I felt better. My food intake of the day consisted of cranberry juice, cookies, hot chocolate and a bananna. I hope I lose some weight through all of this.

Let’s see how it is tomorrow.
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