Cast to boot Need advice

Hi, I read through the 179 posts related to going to a boot. I seem to have the slow was 5-1 and tomorrow which is 6 weeks 4 days, I will go into a boot..for those of you that have gone the 6-8 weeks in a cast; what can I anticipate tomorrow when the cast comes off. I read what the leg will look like etc. but from what i read:

will i have 3 lifts; should I ask for lifts for my other leg; did it hurt the first time that you stepped down in your boot..things that I should know that my doc wont tell me…can i stand barefoot on my toes if i take a shower..things like that.. Thanks Dee

Surgery Day Advice (from a nurse)

My name is Dee and I am an OB nurse and I had a 1″ vertical tear in my right  achilles..  People say nurses make the worst patients as we observe everything, so I am giving all my info, as I observed it !!  I had my MRI the 3rd week in April. Doc on vacation until May 1st, so I wore the boot and was non weight bearing for the 2 weeks prior to the surgery. Rent a knee scooter (best thing ever).  I am not of fan of trying to be mobile with crutches only…Have a 2nd floor in our house, so brought twin bed down into the living room. Brought anything that I needed to the 1st floor…..Get a bedside commode for the night time, especially if you are a women.  When “wheeling” into the bathroom have a crutch ready as you can pivot on your good foot to sit down….

The morning check in to the hospital was fine. Kept scooter and crutches in the car as you will be wheeled to the hospital exit on discharge..Signed papers, got IV and off via cart to the OR..received med in IV that knocked me out and woke up in recovery and pain was intense..couple of IV pain med doses were given and haven’t had any pain in 6 weeks..don’t even need aleve.. Pain med dilaudid worked great but made me so sick to my stomach and was sick until 4:30pm and surgery was at advice, sleep after the surgery, even if it is a day surgery center..I tried to sit up and keep my eyes open..once I got home and slept for 1 hour, all nausea gone.. word to the wise; when sleeping at night and you have to stretch; don’t stretch the foot with your the swelling goes down, there is play in the cast ….1 week after the surgery, I had this burning sensation and the cast had shifted and was pushing into 2 of the staples..just a little fyi..

I found that as I was sick to my stomach in the hospital,  bladder control was not the best (sorry about the bluntness) so when we were discharged, I had a blue chux pad inside my pants for the ride home, just in case there were any accidents. Prior to discharge, my nurse was not the brightest as she said okay you can walk to the bathroom.. I responded with uh, I am non weight I said nurses catch everything while they are your foot elevated as much as possible; thank God for lazyboy recliners….it has been 6 weeks and 3 days since surgery and the cast comes off tomorrow.Hope this info helps! Dee