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Wow, 4 days since I posted anything. I feel like an old pro at this now. Crutches, no crutches, boot, no boot, shoes sometimes, ROM, and on and on.

So, I’m back at work and mostly surviving the hours without foot elevation. I went crutching off to our cafeteria for the first time today and realized that my darn cargo pants were extremely functional. Stuffing food and drink into pockets so I could crutch ‘with attitude’ back to my desk.

I feel that my swelling is under control now. Still icing after exercise, especially when I do a long session on the elliptical. Looking at trying warm foot baths to alternate with cold. I continue to do my own limited massage of the area twice daily. (new picture posted today)

Return to PT tomorrow morning for my second appt. May get hooked up with a practitioner of Active Release Therapy soon. You can find info about that at activerelease.com

On a good day, when I have been sitting at work for 4 hours, exercised for 2+ hours including 45 mins of elliptical trainer, walked around a bit in shoes, massaged, iced, etc. I can actually say that my AT area feels strong and not that painful. It is in the morning that I realize how much further I need to progress.


Jim on 17 April, 2009 at 2:57 pm #

AM53Hx, also helpful is a vest with inside/outside pockets and exterior vest pockets too! For a tip on massage to reduce swelling check my latest blog.


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