Week Five!

Week 5 post surgery started this week. I’m weight bearing at 50%, and getting more used to it every day. I managed to walk a pretty long block yesterday, and took the knee scooter the rest of the way. The limiting factor isn’t my leg, but my arms - I hate crutches and I’m definitely lower body dominant!

My achilles is a bit throbby today. I’m not sure if it was all the walking yesterday, or the fact that my calf twitched when I was tending to my scar out of the boot. My foot dorsiflexed a bit, but I didn’t notice how far as I was focused on something else. Based on what I’ve read here, I think it would be very unlikely that I reruptured on a calf twinge, so hoping it’s just sore from the unexpected stretch or walking. I’m of course paranoid though.

I see my ortho on Tuesday, and want to talk to him about my big toe. It’s pretty stiff. I’ve got a virtual physio appt on Friday with my old physio who has started his own clinic in another city. He’s awesome and hoping he will be super helpful. My chiropractor/athletic therapist has been working on my other muscles - hips, quads, etc, to keep them pliable. He says I look good and pretty balanced, all things considering.

I have a lump in my leg and some swelling along where my Greater Saphenous Vein is, and so I am concerned that I may have a superficial blood clot. Seeing my doctor today, who will likely refer me for a doppler. I’m 99% sure it’s not a muscle strain, and if it is a thrombosis, I may have to go on anti-coagulants which would be a real bummer. I’m crossing my fingers but the pessimist in me is not happy.

I’m supposed to move my vacocast to 30-15 hinge, but am going to work up to that over the next week - I’m at 30/25, then 30-20 tomorrow, then 30-15 by next Monday. And then, over the following two-weeks, get to 30-0! Scary but exciting all at the same time. Dying not to sleep in this boot but know it is good for me.

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