Saw the doctor at 9 weeks

I went to the doctor yesterday.  She said I was making good progress but because it has only been 2 months since the injury I should be very careful, because twisting my ankle or a misstep would not be good.  So in her opinion I should wear the boot to avoid that happening.  She also said I was too concerned with muscle atrophy because the muscle will recover when I return to normal activity.   I said, I think wearing the boot at this point would be a step backward,  but noted her concern and agreed that I need to be hyper vigilant and super cautious these next few weeks especially.  The med student said I need to be able to raise up on both toes and then come down and stand on my heels with toes lifted 20 times before I should return to sports activity.  I cannot do that but it seems like a good exercise to start doing.

I can’t do that but last night I went…dancing.  That’s right uh-huh.  I had my cane dancing too.  And today I feel fine.  I only stayed on the floor for two songs at a time but I went out there a few times.  My Mom would say I was pushing it but it felt okay.  My limp is less pronounced which must mean I am able to push off more on my injured side.

I love this site because it has given me the confidence to listen to my body and let me know that everyone recovers at their own pace.   And given me the ability to push the limits while using reasonable restraint.

Funny as it seems happy to be here.

I partially tore my right achilles trying to push my truck in the morning in my slides on April 26.  I knew right away it was serious.  After that I was in two cast in six weeks. Some of those days were pretty dark.  I had just gotten off my arse and was beginning to see results from a change in diet and a exercise routine which included bodyweight moves, kettlebells and rope jumping.    When the cast came off my doctor gave me a script for a cam walker, which I wore off an on for a week, and an appointment for three weeks from that date.  I started walking around the house barefoot.  I decided to try to put on two shoes.  I left the house in two shoes and a cane on 7 weeks and one day.  The cane is mainly to remind me to take it easy.  Reading about the reruptures scared me straight from taking chances and my heart goes out to those guys.
I found this site early on and it has helped me so much.  The blogs and comments about driving were really helpful.  I have on old toyota pickup; five on the floor, yes the one I was trying to push, and I was a little frightened to drive it.  I read this one comment I think it was here where the guy said something like why are y’all tripping just use your leg muscle to provide the pressure, which cracked me up.  Anyway I drove yesterday with a big smile on my face. I felt free.
I am so happy that surgery was never an option for me, to poor and uninsured, plus the tear was partial.  I love this site.  It has really helped me to cope and recover from this injury so now I am two shoes with a cane and a limp and a compression bandage up to my knee.  Oh yeah I did some light kettlebell swings today after reading about it here.  So I want to say I am grateful for this site and all the people on it it was because of you guys that I maintained my sanity.  And even though I had some friends really step up it was because of this site that I did not feel alone.