8 months and 3 days

Hi fellow bloggers!

Time to update my blog with some good news. I’ve been bike commuting to work three days a week since the first week of June (@50km round trip). I also started to walk/run on the treadmill about a week or so ago. Example w/o would be:
w/u with 5 min walk
1 min walk/1 min run x 5
1 min walk/2 min run x 3
c/d 5 min walk
I’m progressing very incrementally with the running. I still find that I have a bit of a ‘limp’. Not happy about that but my PT thinks it’s because of the size/strength difference in my calves. Funny how even at 8 months you still have to be patient.

Wishing everyone good luck with your recovery!

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  1. That’s terrific! My doctor reminded me again today that this is a long recovery. You are doing great. I hope to be where you are at some point!

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