physical therapy

My ROM is becoming better. However when the therapist manipulates the bones in the center of the sole of my foot
the pain was so excrutiating that I broke out in a sweat and felt nauseous. Don’t know if there should be this much pain ; at eight weeks. So frustrated with dealing with pain.


Thick ropey buldging scars

My scars seem to change their appearance every day. Today they have developed thick raised dark lumps. My PT therapist said I should massage them. So I got some vitamin E capsules and have rubbed them until they are incredibly sore. Any suggestions to help reduce the tenderness, redness, and thick buldges?


minor infection

I saw a doc today who wasn’t overly concerned about a little bubble of infection, but did prescribe an antibiotic as a safety precaution. I’m to be FWB in the boot by the next appt. In two weeks. I still have a lot of swelling around my ankle and on the bottom of my foot so it really is painful to walk very long. Any walking in the boot causes swelling. So I’m back in my cold therapy sleeve today.


vacuuming triumphantly

Today is 7 weeks since my megasurgery. Most nights I only get about 3 hours of sleep but recently slept 9 hours so I felt stronger yesterday. So I graduated from a single crutch to a hiking walking stick since my ankle still feels wobbly. I decided that yesterday was a good day to “Break Free” and vacuumed both the hall and kitchen. Maybe I’ll do the family room today. It felt like a really big accomplishment. I still have a couple little yellow dots in my scars so I’m going to the doc today. Little steps of improvements, but feeling less discouraged.  A friend chastised me saying you are finally mobile and you vacuum? LOL


Achilles history

In 2001I had a huge pointed bone spur that ripped my Achilles. So the spur was surgically removed and Achilles mended.  However it didn’t heal well forming a large egg sized knot of scar tissue.  It 2009 while hiking I tore both the Achilles and perneous brevis.  No surgery, only splinted and NWB for 6 weeks.  Both areas stayed inflammed and swollen.  New MRI in 2012 showed that the Achilles was shredding so a FHL tendon(big toe tendon) was woven backward to replace the degenerating scar tissue.   My big toe is now connected to my 2nd toe. The perneous was also mended and 3 bone spurs on my ankle bone removed.  So I have four large incisions


Scar error

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