My Story

First time, January 1996 playing basketball popped left achilles.  Other than first week after surgery, removeable splint was protocol with ROM exercises.  At six weeks splint adjusted to neutral with FWB possible.  Removed at 10-12 weeks.  Atrophy to calf and leg was minimized but it still takes time for tendon to strengthen up and to get rid of any limp.  Total confidence in repair (mental side) also takes time.  There certainly was no on-line community to share the experience with.  I can attest to complete recovery as I took up squash seriously and…..

2nd time did my right foot in undramatic fashion.  Changing direction in the middle of the court I just felt my foot give way, fell on the floor, felt the back of my heel and there was only “mush” where that “good” tendon used to be.  There was no doubt what had happened.  I went to emergency and and was booked for surgery in 2 days.  Same surgeon and protocol as 12 years ago!

Other than serious wound healing issues, I can identify with some aspect of everyone’s feelings about this injury.  Thanks for taking the time to post and communicate. 

1 comment June 14, 2008