Deron’s Journey Back

Im joining kind of late. 6 weeks post-Op insurance dropped me for the month of August its definately been a journey. With my situation i feel like the injury is more mental then physical. I havnt really experienced much physical pain Thank God!!!! My next step s Cam boot with heel inserts and hopefully kickin these crutches!!!!

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  1. Take a good look at . The study authors got great results (with and without surgery) following that schedule, and anybody can do it DiY (though it does include PT). If you’re weeks behind, catch up gradually, not all at once. It does help to get a boot (even while you’re NWB), so you can start the prescribed exercises.

    BTW, the whole study with their results is linked from the reports… page on this website.

  2. thank you! i should have my boot this week my next step is to figure out how to pay for physical therapy.

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