First day at work after 10 weeks off.

I have done my first full day at work today after 10 week off. Luckily the majority of my job is office based. I hobbled around the large office quite well really with no crutch or boot on. I used trainers with the last remaining heel strip inside the right foot. I do feel that [...]

First few steps without the walking boot.

I don’t officially come fully out of the walking boot until another 5 days, but i have been walking around the house and have also been a walk around the block. I first walked around the house with no crutches at all with┬áthe heel insert just in my sock and did this for 2-3 days. [...]

8 week post OP appointment.

I have not been on here or posted for 4 weeks. To be honest I got a bit fed up of computers, Internet etc but i think it was getting to me as it was the only thing i could do so i decided to steer clear of it all for a while. Anyway the [...]

The First Bath

I had my first bath since my ATR, I know I am really lucky as I am only 3 weeks 3 days post op. My surgeon fitted me with a boot after 2 weeks post op. I am not really a ‘bath’ person as I mainly have showers.
But this bath was sheer bliss…………and the ankle [...]

Day 22 Post Op - So far so good.

Well I have had my walking boot for 8 days now and so far so good. I have seen small progress in only a week which I am very pleased with. I take the boot off 3 times a day for a couple of hours each time. I wiggle and curl up my toes 5 [...]

Day 18 Post OP - Some Boot Pics

As you know us ATR sufferers have plenty of time on out hands. So I thought i take photos of my boot and it’s inners for all those ATR people who never get to use a boot for one reason or another. As you can see in the photos I have two heel inserts to [...]

Day 17 Post OP - My first two days in my boot

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who has took the time to reply to my last post regarding the boot.
My first two days have been quite different. On the first day i was so scared to even put my foot to the ground let alone put any weight on it. I tried several [...]

Day 15 Post OP- Need your help and advice with walking boot

As you may have read in my previous post I was put into a walking boot yesterday after my two week post op visit. I can take it off and shower but not bath for another week, I have heels in the boot which i need to strip off layers over the next six weeks. [...]

Day 14 Post OP- Doctors Pleased - Cast Off- Walking boot on

Well i went back to see my consultant today and actually saw my scar for the first time. The surgeon said that the operation went to plan and was a straight forward repair. He examined my scar and said it was healing fine and that i could take a shower now and a bath next [...]